A College Graduation Bubbly Bar!


I love the idea of a college graduation bubbly bar! Champagne is a novelty and always enjoyed at the most prestigious celebrations! It’s the perfect way to toast a proud college grad who is about to venture into a new adventurous chapter in life!

In front of our bubbly bar we used mini-balloons to spell out “education.” I thought this was a funny way to lighten the mood at the bar and keep it from being too serious! You can find the balloons here. I kept it classy and didn’t include the AF though!

When creating a Champagne bar, have at least 5 varieties of Champagne. It’s fine to do a few sparkling wines or rosés too. It’s really all about the bubbles!

Have a few liqueurs to add to the champagne or sparkling wine. Pear liquor, elderflower and Chambord are always good options to kick it up a bit!

For a fun detail, you can serve all-natural, fruit juice popsicles to put into the Champagne! It’s actually a really fun idea for a younger generation!

Add fruit to garnish the Champagne in the glasses. It’s nice to add in some color and a hint of flavor.

Always display a beautiful flower arrangement for easy party decor!

Another festive detail is adding tassels to each glass!

You can give out these money origami butterfly leis as gifts for the grads!

Money Origami Butterfly Lei for Graduation
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Money Origami Butterfly Lei for Graduation


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