5 Charming Small Chicken Coops

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If you have a smaller yard but have always dreamt of having hens, check out these 5 small chicken coops! They’re perfect for any backyard and a safe place for your hens to rest!

Yes, chicken coops can be charming! We purchased this chicken coop from Williams Sonoma and it’s been one of my favorite items in our yard. I also enjoy having three hens who lay beautiful, colorful eggs and roam freely in the yard. It’s adorable how they all head to their coop at night.

small wooden coop with a chic tin roof

There are some amazing books on raising hens too and even building a coop. Apparently, a chicken coop on wheels is great for smaller yards since you can move it around and it’s off the ground to protect the chickens.

I’ve also read that before building a coop, if it’s not on concrete, to put chicken wire on the ground under it to keep little critters out! Have any of you built chicken coops or have any tips?

If you’re looking to build a coop, there is so much inspiration out there. Although, this coop is bigger I was very impressed with the design. It could totally be made into a smaller version costing even less!

Small Chicken Coops

The most charming chicken coop with a tin roof, flowers and hens before.

I have this exact chicken coop in our yard! It looks beautiful with the flowers growing in the flower bed. It comes almost assembled and it’s just a stunning. Perfect for 2 to 3 hens.

A beautiful, modern chicken coop.

While this coop will fit in small yards, it a little bigger and has a little more room for hens that are in their coop more often. It’s a great option for a backyard coop.

Little farmhouse chicken coop

If you have more of a modern house, this coop would fit right in! Made from non-toxic, recycled plastic-wood composite, this chicken barn is sturdy, eco-friendly, safe for outdoor use.

White cottage chicken coop.

If you’re handy or know a skilled woodworker, there are hundreds of chicken coop plans you can purchase and then put together yourself. Etsy has some beautiful designs to buy for as little at $12. This little cottage is adorable! Add your own personal touches to it to make it your own.

Small chicken coop.

Even though this chicken coop is small, it has all the features you need like a pull-out tray, nesting box, and a ladder. It’s great for a smaller yard. Personally, I would paint it with outdoor paint. Even a fun color like pink would be pretty!

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Let us know if you use any of these coops for your hens!

6 thoughts on “5 Charming Small Chicken Coops”

  1. I bought one and we ended up having to build a whole fence/cage whatever for it as it wasn’t nearly animal-predator proof enough. Build without a doubt if you can.

    • I grew up on a chicken & rabbit farm, both of which we raised for meat. Our chickens (150-175/year) ranged during the day and were closed up at night in their coop, which was raised about 4-5 foot off the ground. The wire around their “range area” was 8-foot of 2-inch chicken wire buried a foot in the ground along with rabbit wire, which was connected to the chicken wire a foot above ground and buried two foot below ground; hardware cloth would also probably work for the rabbit wire & I think is less expensive. Kept the critters out! Ten to twelve of the chickens were laying hens, as we also sold eggs. We also had 6 breeding does (rabbits) and two bucks and they were kept in cages with large nesting boxes raised about 5 foot off the ground and encased in rabbit wire.
      Thank you for the opportunity to reminisce about a simpler time so long ago.

  2. Wow, some of these chicken coops seem bigger than my house. My husband built ours from scratch. We’ve moved it around a couple of times, but our chickens free range in the backyard and only go in there to sleep and lay eggs. He makes it seem easy.


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