Charming Taco Bar Ideas

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If you’re hosting a taco party we’re sharing all the charming taco bar ideas to make the best taco bar!

Who doesn’t love tacos? Even dragons love tacos! There are so many delicious varieties of tacos, vegetarian, fish, meat, vegan. There is definitely a taco to fit everyone’s needs. However, what if you created a taco bar where all of your guests can make their own tacos?

It’s the easiest way to feed a crowd! We teamed up with Old El Paso and used their taco boats to create a charming DIY taco bar for Cinco de Mayo!

They’re perfect to layer delicious toppings in and all of the ingredients stay IN the boat! Kind of genius if you ask me!

Girl holding a taco bowl filled with toppings.

The Best Taco Bar Ideas

Here are some ideas to make your taco bar the best!

Taco Bar Ingredients

You’ll want to have a few meat options for your taco bar. The most popular are carnitas, chicken, and beef. Besides meant, also serve a plethora of ingredients to make your taco bar full and flavorful!

  • Shredded Mexican Cheese
  • Cilantro
  • Tomatoes
  • Olives
  • Rice
  • Beans (Black Beans or Pinto Beans or Refried Beans)
  • Limes
  • Avocado
  • Diced Jalapeno Peppers
  • Salsa
  • Chopped Lettuce
  • Purple Cabbage
  • Sour Cream
  • Diced Onions
  • Taco Shells or Taco Bowls or Tortillas
Taco bar ideas and ingredients in wooden bowls.

How much taco meat do you need per person?

When deciding how much taco meant, it’s important to know that people usually load up their tacos when it comes to a taco bar! Since you’re not portioning it out, it’s also hard to be accurate with a self-served bar, but here is a general rule: 8 ounces per person.

How do you make a good taco bar?

Now that you have all of your ingredients prepped, it’s time to make your taco bar good! This is when the charm comes in. Set out wooden bowls or terracotta bowls to fill with toppings.

Set the bar up on a dining table or kitchen island. Add a colorful tablecloth, colorful napkins and all the ingredients on the table.

Add height by placing some toppings on stands, like a cake stand or stacking wooden boxes.

The easiest way to keep tortillas warm into wrap them in foil, place them in the oven on low heat, remove them right when you’re about to serve, but keep them in the foil.

You can also use a crockpot to keep tortillas warm. Although, if you only own one it might be used for the meat. Slow-cooked chicken and carnitas are the best and so easy in the crockpot.

We’re really into the details, so any charing touches like fun dishes, cups, taco bowls or even confetti sprinkled on the table all make for a good taco bar.

Taco bowls and taco toppings in bowls on a taco bar.

What goes with tacos for a party?

All of the ingredients are set out so what else goes with a taco party? Well, drinks definitely go with a taco party! Specifically margaritas! Here are the 10 best margarita recipes you can make!

For a refreshing non-alcoholic drink to serve, try one of our 4 delicious agua fresca recipes.

For sides, make Mexican street corn, large Mexican salad with a large bowl of chips and salsa.

Tips for Making a Taco Bar

Don’t leave everything for the day of the party. You can prep and chop almost all of the taco bar toppings the day before.

Set the bar with the empty bowls, then add then ingredients to the bowls. This keeps the placement organized.

Small baskets are also great to store chips and tortillas. Keep them covered if you can.

If you’re hosting outside during the summer, make sure you use food covers. We have a list of very charming food covers to keep the party pretty!

Colorful taco party with toppings in bowls.

If you’re hosting this taco party for Cinco de Mayo, check out our Cinco party here!

We hope you’ve got some good taco bar ideas for your next taco party!

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