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Mini Banana Trifles

July 20, 2012 | Sweet Recipes | Comments

I loved these mini trifle dishes I found at Pier One. I needed to make something to fill them, as they looked so sad and empty. I remember eating banana trifles as a kid and always loving it, even though there’s no chocolate! I found a VERY good vanilla pudding recipe and made a homemade version of Nilla Wafers. They baked more like a crispy sugar cookie, but still really good! I liked using them rather than the boxed cookies, but if you want to skip that step, Nilla Wafers will work fine : ) Overall, the dessert turned out pretty delicious and the pudding is so rich and thick… it’s heavenly! This is the perfect dessert for a dinner party. Assemble them before the party and they will stay fresh in the fridge until they’re ready to be served. See below for the recipes of trifle goodness ; )


I used this recipe for the banana pudding. Instead of using Cool Whip (since Zan ate it all!), I made my own whipped cream out of heavy cream and powdered sugar. Just beat the heavy cream until stiff and then add three tablespoons powdered sugar. You can add more or less to sweeten it to taste. I also added a little whipped cream on the top with lightly sprinkled cinnamon. This recipe will make six mini trifles.


For the homemade Nilla Wafers I used this recipe, which turned out pretty good. I used vanilla paste instead of beans. You can always use Nilla Wafers if you want to skip this part : )


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