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How to Marble Candy Apples


After making these, we couldn’t wait to show you how to marble candy apples! How gorgeous are these?! We’re pretty smitten over the marbled candy apples and think they’ll be perfect for a Halloween party!! They’re actually fairly easy to make, as long as you have a candy thermometer and watch the sugar temperature! You can use any colors to achieve the marble effect and match your Halloween theme! See the how-to below!

Marbled Candy Apples
6 Granny Smith apples
3 cups sugar
1 cup water
1/2 cup light corn syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
White food coloring
2 additional colors of food coloring (we used teal and green gel coloring)
Candy thermometer
Parchment paper
6 lollipop sticks, for dipping and twigs if you want to go with a fall look.

Prep your apples by washing and drying them. Take the stems off and put the lollipop sticks in as far as they can go. Put your apples near the stove so they’re close by when you need them. Prep a cookie sheet with parchment to keep close as well.

In medium a sauce pan, mix the sugar, water and corn syrup. Attach the candy thermometer to the side of the pot, but make sure it’s not touching the bottom of the pan. Heat over medium high heat and let bubble without mixing, until it reaches 302 degrees. Once it reaches that temperature, immediately take off of the heat and with a heat-proof rubber spatula, mix in the vanilla extract and the white food coloring until combined. Quickly add a few drops of the two other colors. Use a wooden skewer to gently stir the colors, but don’t mix. Just lightly move the colors around. Tip the pot to one side and dip the apple in the candy, coating it on all sides. When you pull the marbled candy apple out of the sugar, give it a second to drip off the bottom, then place it on the parchment paper to cool and harden.

For easy clean up, put 2/3 C of water in your pot and bring to a boil. Pour out water and give it a regular wash.

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28 responses to How to Marble Candy Apples

  1. September 22, 2015

    These apples look so beautiful. What a brilliant idea. I like the natural twigs as well. Super post thank you. Sammie x

  2. September 22, 2015

    So cool! I make candy apples every year, and this would be a fun twist.

  3. September 22, 2015

    Wow, those look absolutely stunning! Love how unique your recipes always are.

  4. September 23, 2015

    This looks so awesome!

  5. sharon
    September 24, 2015

    omgosh….you’ve outdone yourself!!! these are about the coolest things i’ve EVER seen!! must try!! 🙂

  6. September 24, 2015

    Oh my gosh these are totally blowing my mind right now — amazing! I love the colors, the swirls and the cute rustic sticks, great job!

    1. Eden
      September 25, 2015

      Thank you so much Joan!!! They are fun to make and not very hard at all!! Think of the beautiful color combos you can do!!! XO

  7. September 29, 2015

    Absolutely beautiful. These apples are from a magical fairytale!

  8. Hannah
    October 16, 2015

    How much white food coloring did you use?

    1. Eden
      October 19, 2015

      Hi Hannah! We used about 5-7 drops of the color!

  9. Mary Williams
    November 6, 2015

    How do you prevent the bubbles from forming on the candy apples after dipping

  10. Shantel
    November 14, 2015

    Do you have to have white food coloring to do the marble or can you just use any two or more colors.

    1. Eden
      November 15, 2015

      The white food coloring helps make the colors more bold… otherwise it’s more of a clear color.

  11. Adrienne
    December 13, 2015

    How do you make bubble free candy apples? Every time I make them they always have bubbles.

    1. Sweet Joys Treats
      December 30, 2015

      Some tips for no bubbles. Keep you apples cold and make sur no moisture gets in the mixture when dipping

    2. Sweet Joys Treats
      December 30, 2015

      Some tips for no bubbles. Keep your apples cold and make sure no moisture gets in the mixture when dipping

    3. Aisha
      January 1, 2016

      For bubble free apples, make sure the wax is cleaned off apples. Fill a pot with water, bring to a boil, then dip your apples, about 5 -8 seconds and wipe quickly with a paper towel. If you’re doing the hard candy apples make sure you let them sit for at least 48 hrs after cleaning before dipping them.

    4. Aisha
      January 1, 2016

      Also Adrienne before dipping let your bubbles subside in your pan. When you tilt your pan to dip it may bubble up again because the candy is hot, so just let the bubbles subside again. Don’t dip while there are a lot of bubbles because it will look that way on your apples. Hope this helps

  12. Joan
    March 12, 2017

    I have never had a candied apple like this. What does it taste like using your recipe above …. is it like a hard candy? What would you recommend if I wanted to individually bag them i.e. how long do I let the candy dry on the apple before bagging so it doesn’t stick? Thank you so very much. I love the look of these multi colored apples.

  13. Tami
    September 25, 2017

    My candy starts to burn after about 280 constantly. I make them from scratch and even the premixed bags. I cook at 4.5 (medium heat). Any ideas what I’m doing wrong.

    1. Eden
      September 26, 2017

      Hmm, are you constantly stirring? I think that is super important for it to not burn. Also, use a candy thermometer and remove it from heat when it gets to hard crack.

  14. Crystal
    October 10, 2017

    Does it taste like a regular strawberry candy apple with different food coloring added ? Or does it give it a different flavor?

  15. Latrice
    October 31, 2017

    Hi me and my friend is a new to making candy Apple’s can you give us some pointers on how to get rid of the bubbles

    1. Eden
      November 9, 2017

      That’s a hard one!! There will be some bubbles no matter how hard you try to get rid of them, but you can wait and hit the pan on the stove a little to release them.

    February 14, 2018

    Can I add flavoring to the mix such as cinnamon? if so is there a particular form of flavoring I would need to use? The colors, what form of food color (water, gel, etc)

    1. Eden
      February 16, 2018

      You could add drops of extract to flavor. That’s a great idea!!

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