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A Refreshing Kombucha Mule


If you’ve been a long time reader of Sugar and Charm, you know we love our mules! We even created the original Apple Cider Moscow Mule and if you’re a fan of Kombucha, you’ll absolutely love this delicious and refreshing Kombucha Mule! It’s surprisingly a perfect flavor combination, all while giving your cocktail probiotics! Wow. I drink Kombucha regularly and oddly enough, I actually remember my grandmother making her own Kombucha in the 90’s. Of course, back then I would run far from it, but now I’m adding it to cocktails and it’s delicious! Try this Kombucha Mule recipe and I think you’ll agree!

There are many flavors of Kombucha, but I spotted this peach ginger one and thought it would be amazing in a mule. It tastes similar to a classic mule but Kombucha adds a nice, refreshing touch to it. It’s very gingery and the hint of peach is perfect! Also, I always make my mules with this ginger syrup because it’s SO good!

Kombucha Mule Recipe
Kombucha Moscow Mule
Serves: 1
  • 1½ ouncevodka
  • 3/4 ounceginger syrup like this one
  • 1/2 limejuice freshly squeezed
  • 3 ouncesginger peach Kombucha
  1. In a copper mug add the vodka, ginger syrup and stir with ice
  2. Top off with ginger peach Kombucha
  3. Stir and garnish with limes and peaches
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