Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar at Home

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Learn how to create a Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar at Home! Ideas and ingredients for creating a charming cocktail station to make delicious bloody marys.

wine glass of bloody Mary mix with flowers and olives

Creating a charming build-your-own Bloody Mary bar at home is a great idea for brunch, a Halloween party or any weekend when you’re hosting friends! Everyone likes their Bloody Mary recipe served up differently.

Overhead of ingredients for a bloody Mary bar.

Personally, I prefer a lot of olives, too much Worcestershire sauce and green pepper sauce! It’s so fun to make your own Bloody Mary and adjust ingredients as you go… maybe a little more lime juice, a few more drops of hot sauce and some celery and olives to garnish.

We’ve created a simple version of a Bloody Mary bar and a recipe for our favorite tomatillo Bloody Mary mix. Also, sharing a special ingredient that gives a Bloody Mary a beautiful, deep purple color!

Flowers and ingredients for a bloody Mary bar.

Bloody Mary Bar Ingredients

You can get very creative when thinking of different ingredients to add to a Bloody Mary bar. Here is a list of some essential ingredients to include and then you can be as creative as you’d like. From shrimp to bacon to mini-burgers, we’ve seen it all!

  • Gin and Vodka
  • Bloody Mary Mix
  • Tomatillo Bloody Mary Mix
  • Beet Juice – it tastes so good added to the Bloody Mary mix and creates a beautiful purple color! Place some in a glass jar on the table.
  • Lemon and lime wedges to squeeze into the glass and slices for garnishing.
  • Cucumber slices
  • Green olives
  • Cornichons
  • Orange rinds
  • Sliced Radish
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Green pepper sauce
  • Red pepper sauce
  • Cilantro
  • Dill
  • Edible flowers
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Bacon and Shrimp
Tomatillo bloody Mary mix in tall glass.

Tomatillo Bloody Mary

This is my favorite recipe for tomatillo Bloody Marys! They are SO good! Add a little salt and pepper to it and it’s a savory cocktail, almost suitable as a meal!

Overhead view of a bloody Mary bar

Bloody Mary Bar Items

To put the Bloody Mary bar together, you’ll need a few key items. We’ve listed what we used for this Bloody Mary bar below.

Wine glasses – We love to serve Bloody Marys in wine glasses! They look so elegant and you can buy a party pack of 24 for a good price. I store them in our garage and use them quite often for parties.

Small bowls – These are used for all of the garnishes and ingredients for the bar. They’re essential for entertaining.

Glass Jars – Tall glass jars to serve the Bloody Mary mixes in.

Bamboo cocktail picks – These are used for the garnishes.

Tray – We use a round tray a lot for entertaining. It’s great for this Bloody Mary bar too. A bar cart would also work well.

Ice cube trays – Make these small cubes before and place them in each wine glass or in an ice bucket. These are the perfect size for wine glasses.

Cocktail jigger – You’ll need a cocktail jigger so guests can measure how much they’re adding to their glass.

Cocktail Spoon – Have a few cocktail spoons out so guests can stir their ingredients together.

Close up of celery and cucumbers for a bloody Mary bar at home.
Close up of fresh dill

Infusing Salt with Herbs and Fruit

Here’s a tip – add the fresh herbs in a bowl with a little water to keep them fresh! They won’t wilt as quickly.

We used dill, cilantro and some edible flowers from my edible flower garden.

Dill and cucumber infused salt

Make your own Bloody Mary salt by combing sea salt with fresh dill. Use your fingers to mash together and infuse.

You’ll be so impressed with the freshness of the flavor and how much the salt takes in. It’s amazing!! You can remove the large dill pieces after you infuse.

Ice cubes in a wine glass

Add a few small ice cubes to the wine glass. It looks elegant!

Over head of bloody Mary with lemon and olive.

Bloody Mary Mix

For a super simple base Bloody Mary mix, try 3 cups tomato juice, juice of 1 lemon, juice of 1 lime, 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce and stir.

Guests can add in their own extra ingredients when they build their Bloody Mary! Suggest adding in a 1/2 ounce beet juice to the glass because it tastes SO good and looks beautiful. 

Overhead of olives and cucumber on a stick for a bloody Mary cocktail

You can also buy a Bloody Mary mix and not make one homemade to keep things simple. Here are 5 best bloody Mary mixes from Bon Appetit.

We also really like McClure’s too!

Two bloody Mary cocktails

The best part about building your Bloody Mary is that you can control how much mix and how many ounces of gin or vodka you want to use! I like 4 ounces and then 1-ounce gin. It’s more mix than spirit! I also add about 15 olives, so there you go!

Overhead of a tomatillo bloody Mary with cucumber, olives and tomatoes.
Beet juice bloody mary in a wine glass
Overhead photo of a bloody Mary bar on a marble table

We hope this helps you all make the best build-your-own Bloody Mary bar for you and your guests! Cheers!

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