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The Best Peach Lemonade Recipe


There’s a reason why we’re calling this the best peach lemonade recipe. It really is! A few weeks ago, I had the urge to make homemade lemonade. So with the abundance of juicy, plump peaches at the farmers’ market and in stores, I figured a peach lemonade would be the perfect recipe this time of year! Personally, I like lemonade that’s light, refreshing and not very sweet. The recipe is my go-to lemonade recipe and for this one, I added peach puree and peach extract to it. The peach extract gives it just a little more intense peach flavor, so you can really taste and smell the peaches! It’s so good! And if you want to make a cocktail version, just add in a shot of vodka! Enjoy and stay charming!

Peach Lemonade Recipe
Peach Lemonade Recipe
Serves: 8 cups
  • 1 cupfresh-squeezed lemon juice
  • 3/4 cupsugar (You can add more or less depending on how sweet you like it!)
  • 6 cupswater
  • 1¼ cuppeach puree (about 5 peaches, peeled and pitted)
  • 2 dropspeach extract, something like this
  1. Blend the peeled and pitted peaches in a blender on high until fully pureed, set aside.
  2. Juice 1 cup fresh lemon juice.
  3. Boil 6 cups water and ¾ cup sugar until sugar is dissolved.
  4. Add in the fresh squeezed lemon juice and pour into a heatproof glass pitcher or let it cool to room temperature in the pot.
  5. Refrigerate until room temp and add in 1 1/14 cup peach puree and the peach extract.
  6. Stir until mixed and add in ice, sliced peaches and lemons to garnish.
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