25 Easy Mixed Drinks That Taste Amazing

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Twenty-five of the best mixed drinks to make at home using only 2-3 simple ingredients! Plus a fool-proof basic formula for making any mixed drinks! Keep reading to learn more about mixed drinks. 

easy mixed vodka soda.

Mixed drinks are great because they’re easy to make and perfect for parties. You don’t have to be a mixologist to make a delicious mixed drink – you only need a little imagination and some essential ingredients. A quick mixed drink always hits the spot if I crave a cocktail during the week. 

I’m sharing 25 easy mixed drink recipes that require minimal ingredients. My favorite recipes from Sugar and Charm that are great for any season or event.

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Why These Recipes Work

I selected these recipes because they are easy to make with just a few simple ingredients. 

Offer Variety – Mixed drinks are great to make because they offer a lot of variety. Mix different liquors, juices, and other ingredients to create unique and flavorful combinations.

Perfect for Parties – These drinks are accessible for a host or hostess because they require little effort. All you need to do is mix a few ingredients, and voila! You’ve got yourself a delicious cocktail that’s sure to please everyone at your party!

Versatile – These drinks are very versatile. You can make them as sweet or as fresh as you like, and they’re always a hit with guests.

Great for All Occasions – There’s a recipe here for everyone, and they’re great for all occasions. 

What Are Mixed Drinks

Mixed drinks are beverages that have 2-3 ingredients mixed into them. We’ve pulled together a list of mixed drinks based on these qualifications: 

2-3 Simple Ingredients – It needs to be considered simple if it requires more than 3 ingredients. 

Essential Ingredients – Simple and easy ingredients you can buy at all grocery stores. 

Quick to Make – A mixed drink should only take a few minutes.

No Muddling – Keep it simple, with ingredients ready to be poured, stirred, or shaken. 

Pro tip – It’s easy to make any of these mixed drinks into a mocktail or non-alcoholic cocktail if you prefer! 

25 Mixed Drinks

Mimosas in Champagne flutes

1. Classic Mimosa

Make a simple mimosa at home with our easy recipe, tips, and tricks! This Champagne cocktail uses only 2 ingredients and is perfect for all occasions, especially brunch! 

If you want to switch it up for the season, make a Poinsettia, which is made with cranberry juice, or try a Prosecco mimosa.

Ingredients: Orange juice, Champagne 

Aperol Spritz

2. Aperol Spritz

A simple, refreshing, three-ingredient Aperol spritz recipe that is perfect year-round! This classic cocktail couldn’t be more straightforward and genuinely delicious. Also, try our Lingonberry Aperol Spritz!

Ingredients: Aperol, Prosecco, Club Soda

vodka pineapple

3. Vodka Pineapple

A simple mixed drink with two ingredients! This cocktail has tropical flavors and is perfect for sipping any time of the year. 

IngredientsPineapple Juice, Vodka 

tequila and orange juice cocktail

4. Tequila and Orange Juice

Tequila and orange juice is a classic combination perfect for summertime sipping. And this cocktail couldn’t be easier to make. 

Mix tequila like Blanco, reposado, or añejo with freshly squeezed orange juice. Add a splash of triple sec or Cointreau for extra sweetness.

Ingredients: Orange Juice, Tequila

whiskey highball

5. Whiskey Highball

The most leisurely cocktail to make! With only two simple ingredients, you have yourself a refreshing whiskey highball. 

The type of whisky you use will vary based on your preference and budget. Since this drink only has two ingredients, get a decent whiskey for the best flavor.

Ingredients: Whiskey, Soda Water

Three ingredient bees knees cocktail

6. Bee’s Knees

I am sharing all the details for making a bee’s knees cocktail. It’s made with three simple ingredients and is perfect for all year! Easy to make, refreshing, and delicious.

The Bee’s Knees cocktail is a prohibition-era drink that has been making a comeback in recent years. It is a sweet, tangy, gin-based cocktail that is perfect for any occasion. 

The name comes from the phrase “the bee’s knees,” which describes something or someone as being of excellent quality.

Ingredients: Gin, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup 

sea breeze drink

7. Sea Breeze Cocktail

This is an easy, mixed summer drink made with 3 simple ingredients. It has a vibrant pink color. If you love this drink, also try our sparkling grapefruit martini!

Sea breeze cocktail is one of the most refreshing drinks to enjoy during the hot summer months. But did you know that this drink has a fascinating history?

This classic cocktail originated in America in the 1920s and was known as “the Harpoon.” It was a popular drink among sailors and became known as the “Sea Breeze” due to its association with sea travel.

Ingredients: Grapefruit, Cranberry Juice, Vodka

Classic mixed Moscow Mule cocktail

8. Moscow Mule

Learn how to make a classic Moscow Mule with our three-ingredient recipe. I will share tips on making different versions and ways to spruce it up! Check out all of our best Moscow mule recipes, too! I especially love our Kentucky Mule.

If you love vodka, check out the best mixers and our favorite vodka cocktails.

Ingredients: Ginger beer, Vodka, Lime juice 

Spritz recipe is an easy mixed drink

9. French Spritz

It is an easy cocktail to make that is perfect for a celebration! This simple mixed drink has a hint of floral flavor from the Elderflower liqueur. It can be made with either Champagne or sparkling white wine. 

Ingredients: Champagne, St. Germain, Sparkling Water

Lemon drop martini

10. Lemon Drop Martini

The lemon drop martini has been a popular drink since its creation in the 1970s. The bright, refreshing flavor of the lemon drop martini is a classic favorite for many cocktail enthusiasts. 

The combination of tart lemon juice, sweet, simple syrup, and smooth vodka creates a balanced and delicious drink that is perfect for any occasion.

You can also use gin if you prefer when making this cocktail.

Ingredients: Lemon juice, Vodka, Simple syrup 

Classic, simple daiquiri

11. Classic Daiquiri

It doesn’t get easier than a classic daiquiri recipe. No more sweet slushies; this recipe is made the way a daiquiri should be with simple ingredients. It is an easy and delicious cocktail to sip at home.

Ingredients: Lime juice, gold rum, simple syrup 

Gin and tonic

12. Gin and Tonic

gin and tonic is a classic cocktail recipe with gin and tonic water poured over ice. I like to add a splash of fresh lime or lemon juice. 

Use good quality gin and tonic water as they work together to create a well-balanced drink. 

If you love gin and tonics as much as I do, check out these 5 fantastic gin and tonic recipes!

Ingredients: Gin, Tonic water, Lime juice 

Ranch water mixed drinks

13. Ranch Water

Although this mixed drink has existed for some time, it’s become trendy recently. 

This Ranch water is a low-calorie cocktail created in West Texas. It’s easy to make and perfect for a hot summer day. I love this easy cocktail recipe.

Ingredients: Sparkling mineral water (like Topo Chico), Tequila, Lime juice 

whiskey ginger cocktail

14. Whiskey and Ginger Ale

This is another easy whiskey mixed drink for anyone who loves whiskey! This cocktail has three simple ingredients and can be made within minutes. 

If you are a fan of whiskey but want to avoid going through the hassle of making complicated cocktails, this is the perfect recipe.

Ingredients: Whiskey, Ginger Ale, Lime

vodka and orange juice drink

15. Vodka Orange Juice

It doesn’t get any easier than a classic screwdriver! This drink is excellent for the morning and quick to make.

Screwdriver is a classic cocktail that has been enjoyed by many for decades. It is a simple yet delicious drink made with orange juice and vodka. 

Combining these two ingredients creates a refreshing and tangy flavor, making it the perfect drink for any time of the day.

Ingredients: Vodka, Orange Juice

lemonade and tequila mixed drinks

16. Spiked Lemonade Mixed Cocktail

One of the most effortless and refreshing mixed drinks is mixed with lemonade! Use store-bought light lemonade and then add in a spirit of your choice, like vodka or, in this recipe, tequila. The key is adding in fresh thyme and a good quality tequila!

Ingredients: Lemonade, Tequila, Thyme (optional)

bright red negroni cocktail

17. Negroni

A classic Negroni cocktail is a simple drink that can quickly be whipped up for an evening cocktail. It’s a perfect combination of sweet, bitter, and intense flavors, making it a popular choice for many cocktail enthusiasts.

Ingredients: Gin, Campari, Sweet vermouth 

easy mixed drink

18. Dirty Martini

The dirty martini is a classic cocktail that has been around for decades. I like to make mine extra dirty with more olive brine, and I also like to garnish it with a few extra olives. It’s so yummy!

You can also try this drink with tequila. A dirty tequila martini is a favorite. 

Ingredients: Vodka, Vermouth, Olive Brine 

apple martini mixed cocktail.

19. Apple Martini

If you’re looking for an easy mixed drink for fall, try our simple three-ingredient apple martini. It has a crisp, juicy apple flavor, and it’s made with apple vodka!

Ingredients: Apple Vodka, Apple Cider, Lemon Juice 

best Jagermeister cocktail recipe

20. Jagermeister & Grapefruit

This is a simple cocktail made with grapefruit and Jagermeister. It has botanical, fruity flavors and is super easy to make.

This refreshing cocktail is perfect for a hot summer day and can be enjoyed at home. The grapefruit adds a tangy and citrusy taste to the drink. At the same time, the Jagermeister brings in its unique blend of herbs and spices.

Ingredients: Jagermeister, Grapefruit, Simple Syrup

paloma cocktail recipe

21. Classic Paloma Cocktail

A classic Paloma cocktail is a refreshing and slightly sweet drink. It’s made with tequila, grapefruit juice, and soda water. 

The grapefruit juice makes this cocktail a refreshing, slightly sweet drink that’s perfect for summer.

Ingredients: Tequila, Grapefruit Juice, Lime Juice

rum and orange juice

22. Rum and Orange Juice

Rum and orange juice is a classic combination that creates a refreshing tropical drink perfect for any occasion. This two-ingredient cocktail is easy to make and always a crowd favorite.

You only need your favorite freshly squeezed orange juice to make the perfect rum and orange juice. 

You can use any rum for this cocktail, but white or gold rum works best with the sweet and tangy flavors of orange juice.

This drink is perfect for brunch.

Ingredients: Rum, Orange Juice 

Jagermeister Drink

23. Jagermeister and Root Beer

Another great Jagermeister cocktail is the root beer Jagermeister float. This blended drink combines the flavors of root beer and Jagermeister for a sweet, refreshing, and slightly spicy taste.

Ingredients: Jagermeister, Root Beer

Michelada recipe in a glass with chammy stick and flowers.

24. Easy Chelada Recipe

This is a fun twist on a classic Michelada recipe called chelada! This is an easily mixed beer cocktail made with Modelo beer, lime juice, and Worcestershire sauce!

Ingredients: Beer, Lime Juice, Worcestershire sauce

Margarita mocktail mixed drink recipe.

25. Margarita Mocktail

For those who don’t drink alcohol or are looking for a refreshing and tasty mocktail option, this margarita mocktail recipe is perfect. It’s easy to make and can be enjoyed by all ages.

Ingredients: Lemon and Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, Club Soda

More Mixed Drinks Recipes

Here are a few more of my favorite mixed drinks:

Create Mixed Drinks with Three Ingredients

There is a basic formula for creating your mixed drinks. I even created a stunning, mix-and-match cocktail bar based on this concept. Here is the formula: 

  • 1-ounce citrus – Orange, Lime, Grapefruit, Lemon 
  • 1-ounce simple syrup – Straightforward to make 
  • 2-ounce spirit – Gin, Vodka, Tequila 

There are two ways of making these drinks: shaken or stirred. I love a shaken cocktail, but a good stir with ice is good, too. 

It’s so simple: add the ingredients into a shaker and shake, then strain over ice OR add them into a glass filled with ice and stir for 20 seconds. 

Mixed drinks with rosemary.

Popular Juices for Mixed Drinks

Now that I’ve covered garnishes, let’s move on to juices! You can use fresh juice or store-bought juice to make mixed drinks. Here are some of the most popular juices for mixed drinks:

Cranberry Juice – Cranberry juice is famous for mixed drinks because it’s tart and slightly sweet. It’s also a beautiful red color, which makes it perfect for festive cocktails. Plus, it’s a great way to sneak extra vitamins into your diet!

Grapefruit Juice is a common ingredient in mixed drinks, as it adds sweetness and tartness. It’s also a popular choice for garnishing.

Fresh Lemon Juice – Commonly used to add tartness and acidity. 

Fresh Lime Juice – Lime juice is a tart and acidic fruit juice perfect for refreshing mixed drinks. It’s also a popular choice for garnishing.

Orange Juice – Orange juice is popular for mixed drinks because it’s sweet and refreshing. It’s also a great source of Vitamin C!

Pineapple Juice – Pineapple juice is popular for mixed drinks because it gives them a tropical flavor. It’s also relatively sweet, so it can help balance out other ingredients’ flavors.

Simple Syrup

Simple syrup is used to sweeten cocktails and is easy to make. It’s simply 1/2 cup water and 1/2 sugar melted in a saucepan. 

You can also buy it already made at the store. If you make it, you can keep it for up to a month in the refrigerator for your cocktail recipes.

Cocktail Garnishes for Mixed Drinks

Before I get to the recipes, let’s discuss how to garnish a mixed drink. This is important because, as any experienced bartender will tell you, presentation is everything. 

The right garnish can take a mixed drink from ordinary to extraordinary. There are endless possibilities when it comes to garnishes, but here are a few of my favorites:

Fresh Sliced Fruit – Add vibrance and fragrance with citrus slices, cherries, pineapple, and apples.

Fresh Berries – They’re often small and brightly colored, which makes them perfect for adding a touch of decoration to your cocktail.

Edible Flowers – A type of garnish that can add a touch of elegance to your mixed drink. They’re also delicious! Some common edible flowers include roses, violets, and daisies.

Fresh Mint Leaves – Mint is a type of herb that’s often used for garnishing mixed drinks. It has a refreshing, cooling flavor that can help balance the sweetness of other ingredients. Plus, it looks pretty!

Black and Green Olives – An olive is often used as a garnish for mixed drinks. They come in various colors, but the most common are black and green. Olives can add a touch of sophistication to your cocktail and are also delicious!

Maraschino Cherry – A maraschino cherry is a fruit often used as a garnish for mixed drinks. They’re bright red and have a sweet, syrupy flavor.

Lemon Zest or Lime Zest – Zest is the outermost layer of citrus fruit. It’s often used as a garnish because it adds flavor and aroma to a drink.

Dehydrated Oranges – Dehydrated oranges are a garnish that can add flavor and decoration to your mixed drink. They’re also a great source of Vitamin C!

Stocking The Bar

There are no hard and fast rules for stocking the bar in your house to make mixed drinks. However, having a few basic liquors on hand will ensure you have the necessary ingredients to create any drink. 

Consider stocking up on these five spirits, which are essential for making various mixed drinks. 

  • Vodka
  • Whiskey
  • Gin
  • Rum
  • Tequila

You can also keep some liqueurs and mixers on hand for added flavor:

  • Orange Liqueur
  • Bitters
  • Elderflower Liqueur

With the proper selection, you’ll have everything you need for delicious cocktails in no time!

When to Serve Mixed Drinks

Mixed drinks are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or having friends over for a game night. But if you’re looking for a specific occasion to serve mixed drinks, here are a few ideas:

  • Picnics
  • Girls’ night in
  • Anniversaries

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Most Popular Mixed Drinks?

Do you know what the most popular cocktails are in the United States?
According to Nielson, one of the best cocktails across the nation is the Margarita. Even though a Margarita usually costs a little extra, it’s still one of the most popular drinks on the market.

What Should I Know About Mixed Drinks?

Learning to mix your own homemade cocktails is a great idea for parties. When you make your own mixed drinks at home, it saves time and money.

What is a good mixed drink to have?

A gin and tonic is a great mixed drink to enjoy. It’s easy to make with gin, tonic water, and lime juice and you can alter it to your liking.

What Are the 6 Basic Cocktails?

When you think of the most basic cocktails, everyone’s answer is different. If this were a test there wouldn’t be one right answer.

In our opinion, the top 6 basic cocktails everyone should know how to make are:

  1. Old Fashioned
  2. Martini
  3. Daiquiri
  4. Sidecar
  5. Manhatten
  6. Gin and Tonic
grapefruit and vodka mixed drink.
  1. Margarita
  2. Martini
  3. Old Fashioned
  4. Mimosa
  5. Moscow Mule

This doesn’t account for all companies in the US. Liquor.com ranked their top 10 picks for the most popular cocktails, and their choices are a little different.

  1. Bourbon Old Fashion
  2. Negroni
  3. Manhattan
  4. Long Island Iced Tea
  5. White Russian
  6. Margarita
  7. Bloody Mary
  8. Dirty Martini
  9. Painkiller
  10. Aperol Spritz

Classic Mixed Drinks

Learning to make a classic cocktail is a great idea when you don’t feel like making something fancy. However, there are a lot of classic cocktails you can make! We’ve pulled together the best classic cocktails to make at home.

Our top three classic mixed drinks are these:

  1. Margarita
  2. Gin and Tonic
  3. Dirty Martini

These three drinks are easy to make and inexpensive, especially if you make them at home. Practice your at-home bartender skills with these easy drinks and recipes.

Learning to mix homemade cocktails is a great idea for parties. Making your mixed drinks at home saves time and money.

Let me know if you make any of these drinks by leaving a comment and review below.

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mixed drink with herbs.

Basic Formula for Mixed Drinks

Create your own version of a mixed drink using our basic recipe. Mix and match and see what you like the most!
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Course: Cocktail
Cuisine: American
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes
Servings: 1 Cocktail
Calories: 220kcal
Author: Eden


  • 1 ounce citrus juice , orange, lime, lemon, grapefruit
  • 1 ounce simple syrup , very easy to make using water and sugar
  • 2 ounces spirit, vodka, gin, tequila, rum


  • Add the ingreidnets into a cocktail shaker and shake, then strain over ice.
  • OR add the ingredients into a glass filled with ice and give it a good stir for 20 seconds.
  • Garnish with an herb or a slice of citrus.


You have the option to shake or stir your mixed drinks. We personally like them shaken with ice but a good stir will do too. 
Have fun with these mixed drinks. Try different combinations and see what you like the most.


Calories: 220kcal | Carbohydrates: 24g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 1g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 17mg | Potassium: 76mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 23g | Vitamin A: 57IU | Vitamin C: 14mg | Calcium: 7mg | Iron: 1mg
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