The Best Confetti Cupcakes

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Homemade confetti cupcakes are perfect for birthday parties and celebrations! They’re moist vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles in the batter to look like confetti! These cupcakes are topped with buttercream frosting and are perfect for serving year-round!

We’ve been making this recipe as a funfetti cake for years. It’s one of the best recipes and makes super tender delicious confetti cupcakes! 

Confetti cupcake with sprinkles and buttercream frosting swirl.

Reasons You’ll Love This Recipe

  • Their colorful confetti swirls: The bright confetti speckles in each cupcake instantly add a festive atmosphere to any occasion.
  • They’re super easy to make: The batter is quick and easy to whip up and you can add any frosting you want to the top. 
  • Super moist cupcakes: These confetti cupcakes are so moist they practically melt in your mouth. 

How to Make Confetti Cupcakes

We’ll cover everything you need to make these cupcakes, share our expert tips, and answer frequently asked questions.

If you prefer to jump to the recipe, head to the bottom of the post where you’ll find the recipe card and measurements. 


Here are a few supplies you’ll need to make this dessert: 

Oil, eggs, sugar, vanilla extract, flour, butter, milk and sprinkles in small bowls.

Confetti Cupcake Ingredient Notes

This recipe is made with simple ingredients you can find at your local grocery store. 

All-purpose Flour – This is used to create create a light texture and structure in the cup cupcakes.

Granulated Sugar –  Adds sweetness to the confetti cupcakes cakes.  

Baking Powder – This is used as a leavening agent to help the cupcakes puff up while baking. Make sure to check the date for freshness before using. 

Sea Salt – Salt helps enhance other flavors in the confetti cupcakes.

Unsalted Butter – Unsalted butter adds moisture to confetti cupcakes and helps create a tender crumb.

Whole Milk – Whole milk adds moisture and richness. If you don’t have whole 2% milk will also work.

Egg Whites – The egg whites add moisture and structure to the confetti cupcakes. 

Whole Egg –  The yolk of a whole egg adds moisture and richness to the confetti cupcakes.

Vanilla Extract – This adds flavor and enhances the flavor of the ingredients. Use pure vanilla for a natural vanilla flavor. 

Almond Extract  – Almond extract adds nutty, sweet flavor to the confetti cupcakes.

Vegetable Oil – Vegetable oil adds more moisture and a tender texture to the confetti cupcakes. You can use canola oil or vegetable oil 

Colorful Sprinkles – The star of the confetti cupcakes! Make sure to use a mix of confetti sprinkles or rainbow jimmies.

Homemade frosting in a piping bag next to confetti cupcakes.

Homemade Frosting 

We used our buttercream frosting to make this recipe. You can use any frosting you like, just add sprinkles to the top! 

You can also use chocolate frosting or our buttercream meringue frosting

A homemade confetti cupcake with sprinkles.

Tips For Recipe Success 

Here are a few of our expert tips for making confetti cupcakes that come out moist and delicious every time:

  • Cream the butter and sugar together for at least two minutes to incorporate air into the confetti cupcakes. This will give you light and fluffy confetti cupcakes!-
  • Line your muffin tin with paper liners to ensure easy removal of the confetti cupcakes.
  • Don’t over-mix the confetti cupcake batter or you’ll end up with dense confetti cupcakes. 
  • Fill each muffin tin 3/4 of the way full for perfectly-popped confetti cupcakes. 
  • Use a large cookie scoop to fill the cupcake tin.
  • Add extra sprinkles for a confetti explosion.
Birthday party cupcakes with sprinkles.

Recipe Variations and Alternatives

Gluten-Free – To make these confetti cupcakes gluten-free, substitute the all-purpose flour for a 1:1 gluten-free baking flour. 

Organic Cupcakes – All of the ingredients in this recipe can be organic, including the sprinkles. 

Naturally Dyed Sprinkles – If you prefer to use naturally dyed sprinkles you can, the colors will be muted but still pretty! 

Whole Wheat – You can substitute all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour. Just note, it will change the look and the flavor.

Confetti cupcake with bite taken out.

How to Tell When Cupcakes Are Done

Use the bounce-back test to check for doneness. Gently press the confetti cupcakes with your finger and if it bounces back, they are done.

If your finger left a dent, then the cupcakes need a little more time. However, I don’t like to overbake my desserts either, so it’s key to know when they’re done.

You can also use the toothpick test, insert a tooth toothpick pick into the center center of the cupcake cake and if it comes out clean the cupcakes are done.

Piping bag fitted with round tip and filled with buttercream frosting.

How to Decorate Confetti Cupcakes 

If you want to make it easy, you can simply spread buttercream over the top of then dip them into a bowl of sprinkles. 

You can also use a piping bag with a round tip or star tip and make swirls on top of the confetti cupcakes.

Once you’ve frosted your confetti cupcakes, top them with colorful rainbow sprinkles mix to finish them off!

How to Store Cupcakes 

Here’s how to store cupcakes:

Room Temperature

Place them in an airtight container and store them at room temperature for up to 2 days.


They can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days. Let cool completely before transferring to an airtight container. 


We recommended freezing unfrosted cupcakes. Wrap them in plastic wrap and store them in a freezer bag with the date written on the outside. They can be stored in the freezer for up to three months.

When you’re ready to serve them, let them defrost in the refrigerator overnight. Then add the frosting. 

The best funfetti cupcakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of oil do you use for funfetti cupcakes?

We recommend using vegetable oil such as canola oil or sunflower oil. Any natural oil is great for baking. If you love the flavor of coconut, you can also use coconut oil. 

What is the secret to super moist cupcakes?

There are many variables that affect the outcome of a moist cupcake. The recipe and the ratio of wet and dry ingredients are key to a moist texture. Overmixing the batter once the flour is incorporated can cause the cupcakes to be dense and dry.
Overbaking the cupcakes can also lead to dry confetti cupcakes. So be sure to use a timer and use our methods above to tell when the cupcakes are done.

What is confetti in baking?

Confetti in baking is essentially rainbow sprinkles added to the batter before baking. This gives the confetti cupcakes a bright and fun confetti look. 

What does adding an extra egg do to cupcakes?

Adding an extra egg to the batter adds moisture and structure, resulting in a more tender confetti cupcake. The egg helps to bind the ingredients together and gives the cupcakes a lighter texture. In our recipe, we add an extra whole egg and it creates a super moist cupcake. 

Is Funfetti just vanilla with sprinkles?

Yes! Funfetti is a confetti cupcake with vanilla cake with rainbow sprinkles. It’s the same idea as confetti cupcakes, just with a different flavor. Funfetti cupcakes are also topped with vanilla frosting. 

When to Serve Cupcakes 

These are great for many special occasions! Serve them with ice cream or a fresh fruit platter for the ultimate dessert.

Here are some special occasions we love to serve these cupcakes: 

If you’re making these for an adult birthday party, make sure to serve them with our birthday cake shots!

Colorful sprinkle cupcakes with buttercream swirl.

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Let us know what you think!

This recipe makes perfect cupcakes that are great for any celebration. If you try this funfetti cupcake recipe, leave a comment and review below. We’d love to know your thoughts!

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Confetti cupcake with sprinkles and buttercream frosting swirl.

Confetti Cupcake Recipe

Moist vanilla cupcakes with sprinkled batter to look like confetti! They're topped with a rich buttercream frosting and are perfect for parties!
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Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
0 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
Servings: 15 cupcakes
Author: Eden


Confetti Cupcakes

  • 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 tbsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 cup unsalted butter , room temp.
  • 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
  • 4 large egg whites
  • 1 whole egg
  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp almond extract
  • 1/2 cup colorful sprinkles

Buttercream Frosting Recipe

  • 2 cups buttercream frosting


  • Combine all of the dry ingredients together in a bowl and set aside.
  • In a mixer, beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
    Beating butter and sugar.
  • Add each egg white one at a time and continue beating.
  • Add in the whole egg.
  • Combine the milk, oil, and extracts together in a bowl with a spout.
    Liquid ingredients in a measuring cup.
  • With the mixer on low, alternate the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients, beating until combined each time.
    Alternating dry ingredients and wet ingredients.
  • Fold in the sprinkles.
    Folding in sprinkles to a vanilla cupcake batter.
  • Fill a cupcake tray 3/4 of the way full.
    A filled cupcake tin with confetti cupcake batter.
  • Bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. This will vary depending on your cake pan, true oven temperature, and location.
    Homemade frosting in a piping bag next to confetti cupcakes.
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