Creating a 4th of July Flower Arrangement

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Tips from a florist for creating the most beautiful 4th of July Flowers for your party!

Red, white and blue flower arrangement for the 4th of July.

We’re getting ready for 4th of July and I figured many of you charmers would be throwing your own parties, so I invited Erin, of White Fig Designs, here to give some tips for creating a 4th of July flower arrangement at home.

Flowers are my go-to decor and Erin is a flower genius. Check out her tips on creating the best 4th flowers for your 4th of July table setting!

Red, white and blue flowers for the 4th of July.
Eden Passante making a 4th of July flower arrangement

Here are the flowers we used to create our arrangements. Give yourself a variety to make something interesting with different textures and size flowers.

Large Red Flowers – Dahlia

Small Blue flowers – Corn Flowers

Small White Flowers – Scabiosa

Large White Flower – Lithansus

Greens – Eucalyptus and Oregano

Flowers in our 4th of July Flower Arrangement

Tall Branch – Mock Orange

Taping a vase to make a flower arrangement

First, start with taping your vase to hold the flowers in place. Then add the flowers in, the tape will help hold the shape of your arrangement!

Arranging flowers in a marble vase.

When you create the arrangement, Erin says to think of it as a triangle shape. It can be angled or the point can be at the top, like 3D, but always create the three points.

Eden Passante arranging flowers for the 4th of July.

Raising the arrangement higher will help when creating the shape of it.

A 4th of July flower arrangement

Erin also used herbs in her arrangements to make them smell good. You can also use herbs as a bug repellent! Add in herbs like lavender, lemon balm and basil to keep bugs away from the table.

4th of July flowers, red, white and blue on a wood table.

Most Popular 4th of July Flowers

  • White Lilies
  • Red Roses
  • Red Daliah
  • White Alstroemeria 
  • Blue and White Hydrangea
  • White Daisies
  • Eucalyptus and Oregano for greens
Beautiful red, white and blue flowers

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Beautiful red flower with greens

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