Fall Decor With Hay Bales, Pumpkins & Many More

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I look forward to styling my fall porch every year! Here is my favorite fall decor with hay bales, pumpkins, and many more styling tips for decorating your fall porch!

Living in Southern California, fall can be incredibly hot and feel like summer. However, you will still find me styling my fall porch with pumpkins, flowers, and wreaths!

Sometimes it’s the only thing that feels anything like fall, and it’s so enjoyable to walk past a porch full of pumpkins.

Eden Passante holds a fairytale pumpkin on her fall front porch. - hay bales

Last year’s front fall porch made me so happy, and I had to do it again! I’m one of those who wish it was FALL ALL SEASON LONG because I love it so much!

As soon as September hits, I run to the stores for pumpkins and wreaths! I’m sharing some fall porch decorating ideas to decorate your front entryway this season!

Tall corn stalks, pumpkins and hay bales on a decorated fall porch. - hay bales

My favorite thing to do is sit here on a somewhat (let’s be real, it’s Southern California!) chilly fall and sip an apple crisp cocktail.

How to Decorate a Front Fall Porch

Pumpkins, hay bales, and flowers make it easy! Here are some cute fall front porch ideas to get you started!

Here are the decorations you will need:


There are several types of pumpkins to choose from. Try to buy a few different varieties and colors to decorate with. We have a pumpkin guide you can check out there!

Fairytale green pumpkin for fall  - hay bales

— Fairytale pumpkins are brownish-orange and a little flatter. They also come in bluish-gray!

— White snowball pumpkins are beautiful.

— Classic champion pumpkins are also affordable.

— Munchkin pumpkins are perfect for filling in areas since they’re small.

An array of colored pumpkins on a fall porch with hay bales - hay bales

One problem I’ve had is squirrels and raccoons eating our pumpkins! I need to find a good method for stopping them.

Green and white pumpkins. - hay bale

Hay Bales

Hay bales add height to the porch, and they scream fall! If you have a large front porch, add larger bales, and get medium and even small hay bales. We used medium hay bales in our photos.

Fall porch ideas with an array of pumpkins, mums and hay bales. - hay bale, halloween decorations

You can get hay bales at livestock feed stores, flower markets, and craft stores.

Fall porch wreath - hay bale, halloween decorations

Fall Wreaths

Wreaths are such a great way to add instant fall decor and are perfect for a fall porch! There are two ways of displaying them:

— Hanging them on the front door with a wreath hanger.

— Resting the wreath against a pumpkin, wall, or lantern.

Here are some beautiful holiday wreaths you’ll “fall” in love with!

Beautiful fall porch with hay bales, corn, flowers and a lot of pumpkins. - hay bale

Corn Stalks

Tall corn stalks are perfect for adding height and creating a “stop the car!” curb appeal! Try your local garden center, craft stores, or farm to buy tall corn stalks.

Use twine to tie the stalks to posts, beams, or anything that will keep them standing up.

Indian corn - hay bale, autumn porch, fall decorations, fall arrangement

Also, grab ears of Indian corn, which is a fall favorite!

Stunning fall porch filled with pumpkins.- hay bale, harvest scene, fall arrangement

Potted Mums

Adding color and flowers is a must for creating a cute fall porch! Chrysanthemums, better known as mums, are the perfect fall plant to add to your porch!

You can buy these at a local nursery or any store that has a garden center. Even grocery stores carry these potted plants in the fall. Here’s a guide on how to grow and care for fall mums.

Pumpkins and mums on a porch - hay bale, hay bales decoration

Throw Pillows and Blankets

If you have a porch with a bench or some chairs, add some fall pillows and blankets to give it a cozy feeling!

Pumpkins going down stairs on a porch - straw bales, fall season


Outdoor lanterns add a beautiful ambiance to a fall porch. We use outdoor teak lanterns from Williams Sonoma and battery-operated faux pillar candles from Crate and Barrel.

Frequently Asked Questions

pumpkins and flowers on a fall porch - straw bales, a few pumpkins, fall season

When should I decorate my house for fall?

Anytime after September 1st is perfect for decorating for the fall. The first official day of fall is usually around September 20th, but it’s totally acceptable to begin decorating for fall in early September! This is also when I start baking my favorite fall desserts.

Eden Passante of Sugar and Charm sitting on her fall front porch with pumpkins. - autumn porch, fall decorations, fall decor, autumn harvest

Where can I find fall garden decor ideas that don’t cost much?

When decorating a fall porch, try local thrift stores and even dollar stores for inexpensive decor options.

— Always shop the lowest prices for pumpkins. We bought these at Trader Joe’s for $2.99 per orange pumpkin.

— Fill lanterns with mini pumpkins.

— Forage your yard or surrounding area for sticks and leaves.

— Shop second-hand stores. I have gotten a lot of really cool items from second-hand shops. This entire Halloween party was stuff from Savers.

Here are 13 Cheap, Cute Fall Front Porch Ideas to check out.

Also, check out our Fall Terrariums for your home.

green pumpkin - autumn porch, fall decorations, fall decorations, fall decor, autumn harvest

Wrapping Up…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this fall decor with hay bales ideas. I always enjoy styling it each year and am so happy when people stop to take pictures. It makes my day! 

If you’re looking for inspiration for your fall porch, check out the links below. And don’t forget to share pictures of your creations with me – I would love to see them!

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Do you decorate for fall? What are some of your tips or fall decorating ideas? Let us know in the comments below! Happy fall decorating!

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    • Hi Deb! Thank you so much for this note! We were thinking and talking about you. Loved seeing a pic too! Happy you are doing well – xoxoxo Eden

  2. Your porch looks beautiful, very welcoming and festive. It’s so well done that it reminds me of something you might see in a store display.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous and so fun to have so many different pumpkins and colors! We are totally going to try and do some variation of this, this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration.

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