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Best Beet Dip Ever


If you think you don’t like beets, you haven’t had them like this! The vibrant color alone makes you want dive in with a delicious piece of toasted pita. I know I don’t share a lot of savory recipes, but I’m going to start sharing some of my favorite party recipes that are great for entertaining! This dip is made with roasted beets, yogurt, olive oil and lots of garlic. It’s topped with hazelnuts, feta and some green onions. The lively shade of dark pink color will entice the worst of the worst beet haters! I think I’m going to serve this as an appetizer for Thanksgiving.

Beet Dip

Beet Dip


  • 4 beets, trimmed
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 1 1/2 cup whole Greek yogurt
  • 1/4 tsp chili chipotle powder
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1/2 tsp salt


  • Feta cheese
  • Hazelnuts
  • Green onions
  • Shallots


  1. Put the beets in a small baking pan with a small amount of water.

  2. Roast in a 350 degree oven for 1 hour.

  3. Peel and cut in half.

  4. Add beets, garlic, yogurt, olive oil and chili powder in a food processor or blender and pulse until smooth.

  5. Garnish with feta, hazelnuts, shallots and green onions.

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25 responses to Best Beet Dip Ever

  1. October 15, 2013

    vivid! i’ve loved beets for as long as i can remember.

  2. October 21, 2013

    I can’t even wait to make this. I’m obsessed with beets!

  3. jill amabile
    October 24, 2013

    Shared this with a couple of vegetarian friends and they fell in love.Thank you Ms.Eden

    1. Eden
      October 28, 2013

      Yay!! You’re the best Jill!

  4. candace chloe
    January 11, 2014

    What about using canned beets?

    1. Eden
      January 12, 2014

      I’ve never tried canned beets… I don’t know if it would be as fresh tasting, but if you need a quick dip maybe it’s worth a try!

  5. Elizabeth Usher
    September 10, 2014

    Can this be frozen & saved for Thanksgiving ?

  6. Amber
    December 29, 2014

    do you blend when beets are hot. Do you serve this hot or cold?

    1. Eden
      December 29, 2014

      By the time you peel, blend and garnish the dip is slightly warm. You can actually serve this warm or cold. Also, you blend them after they’ve cooked and when they’re hot. Hope that helps 🙂

  7. Kate
    July 11, 2015

    So would you use pita bread to dip into the beet mix or tortilla chips? What would you use? You don’t mention this.

    1. Eden
      July 14, 2015

      It’s really your preference! Pita bread is delicious, but chips could be good as well 🙂

  8. Jennifer
    January 18, 2016

    I made this but halfed the recipe for just myself I put it into food processor but it came out gritty. Tasted great though

  9. Irene
    November 12, 2017

    How many days in advance can this be made? Will it freeze?

    1. Eden
      November 15, 2017

      We didn’t try freezing it, but you can make it the day before and it will last a few days.

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