A Charming Hot Cocoa Bar

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This hot cocoa bar is the perfect place for a warm chocolate treat, this festive season! Top hot cocoa with marshmallows and crushed candy canes. Your friends, family, and neighbors will love you for it!

shot of hot cocoa bar

Pick an area outside to create a charming hot cocoa stand

As you know, it only snows in the mountains here so we bought a few large bags of fake snow to toss all over the ground and I have to say it actually made it look a little chilly, right?

How To Make A Hot Cocoa Bar – Step By Step

  • Set a table out or you can use a cocktail trolley.
  • Decorate with some green, like a wreath.
  • Stock up on cups. Red cups are great for an added festive touch and work well with a wreath.
  • Lay out your hot cocoa bar with toppings, such as marshmallows and candy.
  • Brew up some hot cocoa and keep in thermoses. See through thermoses are great as you can see when you may need to top them up.
shot of wreath on hot cocoa bar

Decorating Your Hot Cocoa Bar

When it comes to decorating your hot cocoa bar, keep life simple! A wreath or some Christmas tree cuttings will add a lovely pop of green!

Use a sprinkle of fake snow over your wreath and on the table/trolley surface, creating a nice winterscape!

shot of candy in jars

Topping For Your Hot Cocoa Bar

Offering up a variety of toppings is essential for a good hot cocoa bar. Put your toppings in different types of containers, to add another level of interest to your bar.

You can go for the classics, such as crushed candy canes and marshmallows (always a hit!), but why not get creative. Here are some other ideas:

  • White, Dark, and Milk Chocolate Chips.
  • Cocoa Puff cereal.
  • Grated Cinnamon.
  • Sprinkles.
  • Hot Tamales.
  • Peanuts.
  • Peanut Butter.
  • Sweetened Coconut Shavings.
shot of cocoa in jugs on hot cocoa bar

A Simple Way To Give Back This Fall

This Hot Cocoa Bar is so simple to set up and a great way to give back this fall. You can set it out and give back to the neighborhood or, if you want an easy idea for a local charity fair, then go for this!

close up of marshmallows

Top Tips For A Hot Cocoa Bar

  • Use a patio serving trolley or fold out table.
  • Add a pop of green with a festive wreath.
  • Get creative with your hot cocoa toppings.
  • Use see through thermoses, so you can monitor the levels of hot cocoa you have left.
shot of cups and candy on hot cocoa bar

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