How to Make Floral Ice Cubes for Drinks

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Making floral ice cubes is the easiest way to add charm to your drinks. They’re perfect for parties, weddings, or even to liven up a simple mocktail. I’m covering everything you need to know to make the most charming floral cubes to add to your favorite beverage. 

Floral ice spheres with edible flowers.

I’ve been making floral ice cubes to garnish my drinks for over 20 years! They add a beautiful touch to any drink and are always an impressive addition to any garden party or gathering. I added them to my floral sangria, making it look gorgeous.

They’re effortless to make and an entertaining idea that adds a lot of charm and a pop of color to elevate the overall presentation of drinks. I love a giant round ice cube with a beautiful flower in it, like I used with my raspberry margarita.

These small details make me smile. I’ve even made an ice bucket and ice shots using flowers to make them pretty! 

They can also infuse subtle flavors into your drink as they melt. You can customize the flavor using different edible flowers, such as lavender, rose, and hibiscus. 

Floral ice cubes in square ice cubes with colorful edible flowers.

Types of Edible Flowers

You need edible fresh flowers to make edible flower ice cubes! I have an informative list of edible flowers you can view to get more ideas. But my favorite edible flowers to use in ice cubes are these: 

  • Lavender: Subtle floral and slightly sweet taste to your drinks. 
  • Pansies: Adds a pop of color and mild minty flavor. 
  • Roses: A delicate floral taste and beautiful aesthetic to your drinks. 
  • Hibiscus: Gives tangy and slightly tart flavor, perfect for adding an extra kick to cocktails. 
  • Marigolds: Adds a subtle citrus flavor to your drinks. 
  • Daisies: Dainty white and yellow flowers that add a lot of charm.
  • Nasturtiums: Gives a peppery and slightly spicy taste, perfect for adding depth to savory cocktails.

I also like to use dried edible flowers like butterfly pea flowers and hibiscus. Butterfly peas turn ice cubes blue, and hibiscus gives them a bright pink color

These are just a few examples of edible flowers that can be used in ice cubes. There are endless possibilities and combinations to explore, so don’t be afraid to get creative and try new things!

Ice cubes with colorful flowers.

Sourcing Edible Flowers 

There are several ways to source and buy edible flowers:

Nursery: They will sell six-packs of edible flowers you plant in your garden.

Grocery Stores: Higher-end stores like Whole Foods sell small packets of fresh edible flowers where the packaged herbs are.

Grow Them: I always have edible flowers growing in my garden. In the winter, I grow pansies. You can use dried edible flowers in winter and grow an epic edible floral garden for spring, summer, and fall.

Silicone ice cube tray with small edible flowers.

Tips for Making Floral Ice Cubes

  • Use filtered water; distilled water is even better.
  • Freeze overnight for best results.
  • Crystal clear ice cubes are more complex, and I need a special tray. You can find special trays online to make ice cubes more transparent. 
  • Fresh herbs also make lovely ice cube designs. I like to add mint leaves, rosemary, thyme, or sage. Sage ice cubes would be beautiful in my lemon and sage mule. 
  • Experiment with different types of flowers and herbs for unique flavor combinations.
Frozen floral ice cubes in a silicone tray.

My Favorite Ice Cube Trays

I use some ice cube molds and trays to make my edible floral ice cubes:

I’d love to see how you use floral ice cubes in your drinks! Please leave a comment or tag me on social.

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Floral ice cubes in square ice cubes with colorful edible flowers.

How to Make Floral Ice Cubes

Step by step on how to create charming floral ice cubes to use in drinks.
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Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes
Servings: 8 cubes
Author: Eden


  • 15 small edible flowers
  • filtered water


  • The first step is to gather your desired edible flowers. You can find these at your local farmers' market or some grocery stores' produce section. Make sure the flowers are clean and free from any pesticides or chemicals.
  • Place 2-4 flowers in each section of the ice cube tray. You can also add a combination of flowers for a more colorful and varied look.
  • Slowly pour the filtered water into the ice cube tray, covering the flowers. Refrain from filling, as the water will expand when frozen.
  • Place the ice cube tray in your freezer and let it freeze completely. Depending on the size of your ice cubes, this may take a few hours or overnight.
  • Once frozen, remove the ice cube tray from the freezer and gently press on the bottom of the silicone to release the floral ice cubes.
  • Add them to your drinks for a beautiful presentation.
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How to make floral ice cubes.

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