Host a Charming Wreath Making Party

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Eden Passante hosts a charming holiday wreath making party that includes greenery, colorful flowers and sweets for guests to enjoy!

I absolutely love crafting around the holidays! From creating adorable gingerbread houses (okay let’s be honest, they always turn out a little messy!), to hosting a charming wreath making party… anything where I can relax and be creative just for fun is something I fully enjoy!

I really loved the idea of putting together this festive party since everyone loves a fresh holiday wreath to hang on the door and wreaths are a blast to make.

A wreath making party is a great excuse to get your friends and family together during the holidays and the perfect way to show your appreciation by hosting them for a fun afternoon with food and crafting. Gifts are great, but experiences and time together is where my heart is!

Hosting A Wreath Making Party – Step By Step

  • Send out personalized invites or e-vites. Make sure to give the invitees time to plan ahead.
  • Pick a wreath theme i.e the flowers. You can also decorate your party area according to the theme.
  • Offer up a brunch.
  • Get creative with your wreaths and have fun!
shot of table with cakes on it, at the wreath making party

Choose A Theme For Your Wreath Making Party

For the wreath theme, we decided to go with non-traditional colors. There were enough green and white flowers for anyone wanting a more traditional Christmas wreath, but we also added in pinks instead of red. I also enjoy mixing greens, so we added in a lot of eucalyptus and magnolia leaves as well!

shot of guest holding flowers at the wreath making party
flowers in a pale

An Easy Brunch For Your Wreath Making Party

We did a nice, but easy, brunch menu because brunch is one of my favorite meals for entertaining… probably because I really love a good slice of loaf cake, donuts and coffee anytime of day!

But really though, it’s an easy meal to create. All you need are quiche, donuts, salad, bundt cake and a delicious cocktail and you’ll have some very satisfied guests! Biggest advice, keep it simple and enjoy your own party!

table with food on it
close up shot of Christmas donut

Get Creative!

Also, you can be super creative with your wreaths! If you want to keep it more simplified, buy a bunch of the grapevine wreaths and then have your guests add in flowers, greens, ornaments, etc. OR you can start from the wire and wire in your own greens too.

Whatever you think your guests would enjoy! It’s really about gathering, having fun and putting our creative minds to work! ‘Tis the season!!

top down shot of wreath making in progress
shot of guest picking flowers from a pale

How Can I Make My Christmas Wreath Last Longer?

The seasonal aspect of a Christmas wreath adds great beauty to the house or the place displayed. Here are a couple of ways you can make them last longer.

  • A fresh Christmas wreath lasts longer when protected from direct sunlight, particularly in warm climates.
  • A daily misting helps prolong the life.
shot of guest holding up a wreath

Top Tips For Your Party

  • Make sure to send invites out well in advance, festive holidays are often busy times for most households, allow your invitees time to plan.
  • Provide brunch, but keep it easy and simple.
  • If you want to keep things even simpler, buy some basic wreaths and have your guests add the finishing touches.
guest having a drink
hands assembling a wreath

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finished wreath

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  1. These are gorgeous and I was thinking of organizing a wreath making party for friends and their daughters this holiday. Can you give me an idea of how much greenery I will need to buy to do a wreath. I would hate to run out!! Was thinking of purchasing locally or from etsy. Thanks!!

  2. Wow, your wreath is beautiful. I have tried making a wreath many times from fresh greens, however, mine never looked as good as yours. 🙁 I’ll look to you tube for a tutorial as you’ve inspired me! Thanks and Merry Christmas!


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