The Ultimate Gingerbread House Party Guide

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If you’re looking for a fun and festive way to celebrate the holidays, look no further than a gingerbread house party! This guide will tell you everything you need to know to throw the perfect party, from invitations to decorations.

Gingerbread house making party with candy on the table.

There are two parties I host every year no matter what! A pumpkin carving party in October and a gingerbread decorating party in December. Hosting a gingerbread house-making party has been a tradition of mine for more than 15 years.

I’ve done everything from making each gingerbread house from scratch to buying kits for guests to assemble and having pre-made gingerbread houses for everyone. I’ve learned a trick or two over the years for creating a successful party and I’m sharing it all today!

I use decorated gingerbread houses as Christmas decor and absolutely love the way they look on kitchen shelves and tables! It’s a fun Christmas activity for adults and kids of all ages and my favorite family tradition.

Bowls filled with candy.

How to Host a Gingerbread House Party

Party Invitations

These days the easiest way to send out invites is through email. I’m a huge fan of Paperless Post and they have adorable designs and perfect invites for a gingerbread house party.

Gingerbread house kits wrapped on a table.

Supplies You’ll Need

Gingerbread House Kits – You will need gingerbread house kits. Make sure to get enough for your guests so that everyone can make their own gingerbread house. You can find these at your local store or order them online. If you’re looking for unique gingerbread houses some bakeries will bake

Gingerbread Icing – We make homemade gingerbread icing with egg whites, powdered sugar, and cream of tartar. I put it in piping bags to make it easy for guests to squeeze out and use. It doesn’t compare to the stuff that comes in gingerbread kits.

Candy – Having a lot of candy is key to a successful gingerbread house party. Get a variety of small candies such as M&M’s, sprinkles, mini marshmallows, and gum drops.

Small Bowls – You’ll need several small bowls to place the candy in. I love to use these colorful bowls.

Cake Platters – Use these to add height to the table with the candy.

Holiday Napkins – Things can get messy! Have some pretty napkins for guests to use. We also love to have wet wipes available too.

Candy in bowls for gingerbread house party.

Creating a Festive Party

Party decor is just as important, but when you have bowls of candy and charming gingerbread houses it’s easy to create a festive party! Here’s how:

  • Place all of the bowls of candy in the center of the table.
  • Place an already assembled gingerbread house and icing in a piping bag at each place, this way everyone has their own piping bag to decorate with. Tie a ribbon around the piping bag filled with icing to make it pretty!
  • Bottlebrush trees and ornaments are great for easy decor.
Gingerbread house party with candy and gingerbread kits.

Expert Tips

  • Make sure that every house is assembled on a piece of cardboard for guests to take it home.
  • Disposable tablecloths are great for easy cleanup. Decorating gingerbread houses can get messy and the icing can get very sticky on a table.
  • Your local Dollar store is a great place for holiday candy! Stock up on all of their candy for a great price.
  • Make your icing! It’s fluffy and dries perfectly!
  • Have a good playlist of Christmas music to have on during the party.
Decorated gingerbread house.

Best Gingerbread Party Decorations

There are so many fun gingerbread house-themed party decor items! Here are a few that you can add to your party to make it even more festive:

Pre-Made Gingerbread House

Gingerbread Tablecloth

Festive Gingerbread Ornament

Gingerbread Garland

Cozy Gingerbread Pillow

Gingerbread Candle

Best Gingerbread House Toppings

You can use any candy you prefer when decorating a gingerbread house! Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Gummy Bears



Gum Drops

Mini Marshmallows and Snowman Marshmallows

Jelly Beans and Smarties

Red and White Striped Candy like Peppermints

Cinnamon Sticks and Star Anis

Red Vines

Guide to hosting a gingerbread house party.

What to Serve at a Gingerbread House Party

Your gingerbread house party can be as big or small as you’d like. You can make it a full-on dinner or Christmas appetizers and gingerbread themed dishes. Here are some ideas for food and drinks:

If you’re looking for more, check out 60 delicious party appetizers!

Decorated gingerbread house.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you throw a gingerbread house decorating party?

5 Steps to Throwing a Gingerbread House Decorating Party
1. Make sure you have enough gingerbread house kits for your guests.
2. Gather all of the candy and supplies that you will need.
3. Prepare your gingerbread icing and set out the bowls of candy on a table.
4. Set up a space for gingerbread house decorating.
5. Serve food and drinks to your guests!

Can adults make gingerbread houses?

Yes! Gingerbread house-making is not just for kids. Adults can make gingerbread houses too and it’s a great way to get in the holiday spirit!
The gingerbread house-making party is a fun and festive way to get together with friends and family this holiday season.

What toppings go on a gingerbread house?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to gingerbread house toppings. Some classic gingerbread house toppings include candy canes, gummy bears, gingerbread cookies, M&M’s, gumdrops, and sprinkles. You can also use chocolate chips to add a sweet touch.

What do you put under gingerbread houses?

It’s important to have something sturdy under gingerbread houses when decorating. A piece of cardboard is best because it is strong and will support the gingerbread house. It is also easy to transport gingerbread houses when they are finished. Other options include foam board, cake boards or hard plastic trays.

Are gingerbread houses meant to be eaten?

Gingerbread houses can be eaten, but they may not be as delicious as regular gingerbread cookies because of the icing that is used to decorate them. However, gingerbread houses are meant to be enjoyed and admired as a work of art!

Now that you know how to host your own gingerbread decorating party, it’s time to start planning! I hope you have a wonderful party, filled with lots of candy and gorgeous candy houses!

Comment below and let us know your favorite tips when hosting a gingerbread house party!

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