Mosaic Easter Eggs


If you’re wanting to get extra crafty and stylish with your Easter egg decorating this year, try these charming Mosaic Easter Eggs! We had such a blast making these, even with the tedious shell placing! It’s a super fun project and kids would love it too of course. Read below for the how-to!

Mosaic Easter Eggs
1. Boil at least 8 white eggs
2. Set half of the white eggs to the side to save.
3. Mix one cup water with 1/4 cup vinegar and food coloring dye. We used shades of blue and green. Once submerged in the dye, the color takes fast, so keep an eye on them.
4. Crack and peel a few white eggs and a few colored eggs. You have to remove the film under the shell too. Try to get some large, medium and small shells when you crack the egg.
5. Separate each color of shell into individual bowls.
6. Using Elmer’s glue and toothpicks, gently place the shells on the egg. Use round cracked shells for the top and break them so they fit the eggs roundness. Happy decorating!

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2 responses to Mosaic Easter Eggs

  1. chris owen
    March 27, 2017

    How did you get the green coloring (tie dye) look with the sprayed gold eggs?

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