Baileys Dipped S’mores

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Taking the classic s’more to a whole new level with a little trick! Dipping marshmallows into Baileys Irish Cream before roasting!

A s'more in a cookie with chocolate on the outside.

This is such a fun and easy St. Patrick’s Day dessert! If you’re a total s’more lover like me, really I can never turn down a s’more, Then you will love this fun trick!

A Baileys dipped smore with melted marshmallow.

Dip the marshmallow in Baileys Irish Cream before and after you roast it and sandwich between two cookies covered in chocolate. Oh my goodness it’s BEYOND good!

Hand dipping a marshmallow into a glass of Baileys Irish Cream with cookies.

What Cookies to Use for S’mores

Traditionally, graham crackers are used to make a s’more. However, there are several other delicious cookies you can use!

  • LU Petit Ecolier cookies we used these because they look charming and taste delicious and they already have the chocolate on them!
  • Pizzelle which re traditional Italian waffle cookies and very pretty.
  • Mini Waffles, toasted are fun for kiddos!

After trying a Baileys Dipped s’mores, you’ll never go back to an original s’mores again!

Use different chocolate…

Think outside the box when it comes to smores and use different flavored chocolate. There are so many incredible chocolate bars with peppermint, ginger, candy, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, caramel. Think outside the box!

Baileys Irish Cream Smores on a table with chocolate cookies.

Furthermore, if you’re having a party and have a fireplace, create a Baileys s’more dipping station on a coffee table near it.

Tray of cookies, marshmallows and Baileys Irish Cream

Add a tray, a bowl of marshmallows, cookies or graham crackers and a jar of Baileys Irish Cream. Guests will love this fun idea!

It’s also perfect for camping and of course an easy St. Patrick’s Day dessert.

Dipping marshmallow into Baileys Irish Cream to make smores.

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Baileys Smores on a marble table.

Let us know if you make these! They’re a lot of fun and great if you want to try something different, for camping and for St. Patrick’s Day! Happy s’more making!

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  1. Roasted Marsh mellow in Baileys is the bomb. Got all the mom’s around camp fire snatching the roasting sticks away from the kids.

    1st word after 1st taste is “OMG”


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