Front Porch Christmas Ideas

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I love to decorate my porch for the holidays! For fall I fill it with a plethora of pumpkins and hay bales! For Christmas, it’s all about fresh garland, wreaths, and trees! It creates a warm welcome for the holidays. Here are some front porch Christmas ideas and decorations that you can implement in your home! 

It’s all about creating a festive porch that is welcoming and charming for the holidays. Since the month goes by so quickly, I start decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving and keep the decor up until the first week in January.

I take pride in decorating the outside of the house for Christmas because I truly enjoy this tradition and appreciate that people all over the world do it! It feels so magical and I love that we get to enjoy a festive, lit-up house for the holiday season.

A front porch filled with Christmas decor.

The tradition of adding Christmas lights to a house for Christmas is thought to have started in the 17th century. At that time, people would add candles to their windows to represent the star of Bethlehem.

In 1837, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert popularized the Christmas tree in England, and soon the tradition of adding lights to a house for Christmas became more common. I love that today, people all over the world add lights to their homes for Christmas and spread holiday cheer.

A styles front porch for Christmas with garland, trees and decorative pillows.

Christmas Porch Decorations

Here are my favorite front porch Christmas decorating ideas that can incorporate into your own holiday decor!

Real Trees or Faux Trees

Christmas trees look beautiful outdoors too! Whether you’re using faux or real trees, place a few of them on the porch. You can add lights and ornaments to them to give them a very merry Christmas look. 

I used real flocked trees this year and they look so festive! I added string lights to them to light the porch up.

A flocked tree is a process in which a tree is covered in a white, powdery substance. This substance is usually made of recycled materials, such as recycled paper or wood pulp. Flocking gives the tree a snowy appearance, and is a popular choice for those who want to add a wintery feel to their Christmas decorations!

There are also beautiful faux trees that are perfect for a holiday porch. The good thing about buying a faux tree is that you can pack it away and use it for years to come!

outdoor Christmas decorations in a copper pot.

Fresh Greenery

There are several ways you can incorporate greens into your porch. 

  • Fill a large bucket or galvanized tin with tree trimmings, evergreen branches, and large branches. We filled an antique copper pot with large branches and greens for a very wintery look.
  • Fresh garland strung above doorways, beams, or windows is another way to add greens. 
Eden Passante sitting on a rocking chair on her decorated  Christmas porch.


A holiday wreath is a must for creating a Christmas porch. Hang wreaths on the front door, side door, or in windows. 

You can even lay a wreath over a chair or lean it up against a lantern for a charming look too.

Hanging a Wreath

You can use a variety of materials to hang a wreath on your door! The most popular option is to use ribbon or twine. I am a HUGE fan of command strips for hanging all of my holiday decor! You can also use wreath hangers. If you’re using a wreath hanger, make sure it is the appropriate size for your door!

Gorgeous Wreath For Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Find the perfect wreath for your door! Wreaths come in all different shapes and there are a variety of wreath styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that fits your holiday decorating style! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • A traditional evergreen wreath is a classic Christmas decoration! You can add a red ribbon for a pop of color, or keep it simple with just the greenery.
  • Succulent wreath is a unique option for those who want something a little different! These wreaths are often decorated with ribbons, bows, and berries for a festive look.
  • A modern Christmas wreath is always nice to give the space an updated look.
  • A Monogram wreath is a beautiful way to personalize your Christmas decor! You can find these wreaths pre-made with your initial, or you can make your own with some burlap and a hot glue gun.
Christmas pillows on a black rocking chair.

Decorative Outdoor Pillows 

If you have outdoor furniture add a decorative throw pillow to them to create an inviting outdoor space. There are many beautiful Christmas pillows that add charm and create a cozy atmosphere to the space. They’re the perfect addition to outdoor furniture.

Another idea is to add a throw blanket over chairs too. If you have a space that is near an outdoor fireplace, add some festive throw blankets in for an even cozier feel.

garland and ornaments in fresh garland hanging on a front porch.


Use plastic ornaments to decorate outside. Hang them from garlands, fill lanterns or buckets or hang them in trees. I like to use plastic outside because it’s light in weight and if they do fall down it won’t shatter everywhere.


Lanterns are great for decorating for the holidays. Fill them with ornaments, pine cones, twinkle lights, or battery-operated candles.

If you choose battery-operated pillar candles that go on and off from a timer it is great because they will light up every evening and then turn off after a few hours.

poinsettia in a pot.


Poinsettias are a traditional Christmas decoration. They have been used for Christmas celebrations dating back to the 1600s in Southern Mexico. Their bright red and white leaves are perfect for the holidays. They are also known as the “Christmas Flowers” because they bloom around the Christmas season.

Some other popular Christmas plants include holly, mistletoe, and ivy. These plants are often used to decorate homes and Christmas trees. They make great front porch Christmas decorations.

Tips for Taking Care of Poinsettias

Choose a location that gets plenty of sunlight. Poinsettias need at least six hours of sunlight each day to thrive.

Water your poinsettias regularly. These plants prefer soil that is moist, but not soggy. Allow the top inch of soil to dry out between watering.

Poinsettias are not frost-tolerant, so they don’t do well in winter temperatures. If you must keep them outdoors, make sure to choose a location that is protected from wind and frost.

Eden Passante on her Christmas Porch.

More Decorative Christmas Porch Ideas

You can add decorative items to the porch as well! Here are some fun ideas:

  • Ice skates can be hung on the railing or doorframe.
  • An old sled can be placed under the Christmas trees or on the front porch as decor.
  • Snowmen can be placed around the porch.
  • Hang jingle bells on a door or chair for a fun look.
  • Wooden letters to spell words like “joy”

Tips for Front Porch Christmas Ideas

Choose a color scheme. Perhaps you want to go with traditional red and green, or maybe you prefer a more modern look with silver and white. Whatever you choose, make sure all of your Christmas decorations follow the same color scheme.

Keep real garlands and wreaths fresh by spritzing them with water every 3 days. 

Command hoops and strips work really well to hang lightweight Christmas decorations. 

Water poinsettias when the soil becomes dry, about three times a week. 

Put twinkle lights on a timer to go on at dusk and off at dawn. 

Place potted Christmas trees on your porch. These can be real or artificial trees, and they can be any size or height.

Eden Passante on her front porch for Christmas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I put on my porch for Christmas?

There are a variety of Christmas decorations that you can use to decorate your porch. Some popular Christmas decorations include garlands, wreaths, Christmas trees, Christmas lights, and candles. You can also use throw pillows, blankets, and lanterns to decorate your porch.

How do you decorate a small porch for Christmas?

If you have a small porch, you can still decorate it for Christmas! Here are a few tips:
Choose a color scheme and stick to it.
Use Christmas lights to decorate your porch. You can wrap them around the railing, doorframe, or small Christmas trees.
Hang Christmas wreaths on your door or windows.
Place Christmas candles around the porch or battery-lit candles in the windows of your house.

A front porch decorated for Christmas with greens, garland, Christmas trees.

How to Enjoy a Decorated Christmas Porch

Now that you have the most beautiful, decorated Christmas porch, it’s time to sit back and enjoy it! Here are a few ways to enjoy your Christmas porch:

  • Have a Christmas party and invite all of your friends and family over to enjoy the decorations.
  • Bundle up in a Christmas blanket and sit on your porch to enjoy the Christmas lights.
  • Take a holiday photo on your porch to remember the holiday season. It’s also a great backdrop for your holiday cards!
  • Invite Santa Claus over for a visit! He’s sure to love your Christmas decorations and so will all of the neighborhood kids!

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We hope you got some Christmas front porch decoration ideas for creating a beautiful, festive front porch for Christmas!

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Front porch Christmas decor.

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