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This waffle bar is the best breakfast for overnight guests!


Surprise your overnight guests with an easy and delicious waffle bar in the morning! Not only is it all make ahead, but it’s literally one of our favorite waffles recipes of all time and never fails. You can watch me make them here! We put this charming waffle bar together to give you all the details on creating your own. The brown butter overnight waffles are ridiculously good and easy to make. You can find the recipe here.  It’s easy, fun and a great entertaining activity for your friends and family!

Although this brown butter overnight waffle recipe itself is literally one of our favorites…. it really comes down to the toppings. That’s what makes this an experience rather than just serving a waffle. Let your guests choose their toppings and make up fun combos. We used blueberries, freeze dried strawberries, toasted coconut, Nutella, bananas, kiwi, creme fraiche and blackberries. Butter and syrup are a staple! You can even have different flavors of syrup.  Think outside the box when it comes to toppings and use items like crushed bacon or maybe even add a little bourbon to the waffle.

There is no better smell to wake-up to in the morning than a pot of hot coffee brewing! Have the coffee flowing and also fresh squeezed orange juice and a bottle of crisp champagne for mimosas. You can also make these grapefruit mimosas to switch it up! We served the coffee in the Chemex maker and I love these glasses for Mimosas.

Place everything out on a kitchen island, bar or table. I love having it all out and ready before anyone starts to eat! It’s all about presentation!

The best thing about these waffles is that you make the batter the night before. In the morning you only have to beat two eggs with baking powder and then fold it in. The batter rises over night and creates the most delicious waffles ever! Another tip, place out all your bowls for toppings and cups the night before too. Then you just have to fill them in the morning.

I have been using the AllClad Stainless Steel Classic Round Waffle Maker for years! You can’t go wrong with it and it has different cooking levels depending on how toasty you want your waffle. A buzzer will go off when it’s reached that level. I keep mine at a 5 to make them nice and crispy.

Each waffle takes about 2 minutes or so to make, so serve each guests individually and tell them not to wait to eat! If you want to all sit together, make the waffles ahead of time, then keep them warm in the oven 250 degrees for about 10-15 minutes.

Here’s a quick tip – leave the butter out an hour before so it will be room temp and spread easily. It’s perfectly safe!

Load them up! Adding the toppings on was the best part! Strawberry, Nutella and toasted coconut was to die for!!

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Pink Plates / Pink Cups / Pink Bowls / Waffle Maker / Chemex Coffee Maker / Gold Flatware / Prong Bowl / Syrup Bottle / Mimosa Glasses

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