25 Amazing Homemade Cake Recipes

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Homemade cake recipes for all occasions! These recipes are tested and approved! If you want a charming cake with a sense of accomplishment, try any of these recipes. They’re unique, fun to make, and all so good.

Homemade cake recipe with sprinkles.

There is nothing better than celebrating a special occasion, birthday party or milestone with a homemade cake. The smile and joy it brings to people is the best feeling. It’s all about the love that goes into the cake that makes it worth the extra effort to bake from scratch.

Baking from scratch can take a little longer and be a little more complicated, but the result is deliciously worth it! I’ve rounded up our favorite homemade cake recipes for you to try.

The Best Homemade Cake Recipes

Easy blueberry bundt cake recipe with wild blueberries.

Blueberry Bundt Cake

An easy blueberry cake made with wild-dried blueberries that are soaked in sherry or brandy!

Ricotta cake with orange zest and orange icing.

Orange Ricotta Cake

One of my favorite cake recipes, this orange ricotta cake is made in one bowl and is super moist! Perfect to serve any time of the year.

A fluffy chocolate orange cake slice with a candied orange on the top.

Chocolate Orange Cake

I’ve turned my beloved chocolate cake into something even better! The orange zest and buttercream complement this cake perfectly. It’s delicious!

Homemade cake recipes with strawberries, vanilla and chocolate.

Neapolitan Sheet Cake Recipe

This Neapolitan cake recipe has all the flavors in one! Lovely layers of strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla, are bound to be a crowd-pleaser.

Lemon Elderflower Cake.

Lemon Elderflower Cake

This easy lemon elderflower cake recipe is light and fluffy and full of summertime flavor. It is frosted with an elderflower meringue buttercream, lemon curd in the center, and a light dusting of dried elderflowers. 

The best buttermilk cake recipe with chocolate frosting and edible flowers on the top

Buttermilk Cake Recipe

A classic buttermilk cake recipe made with buttermilk and topped with chocolate frosting. This cake is fluffy and tender. It’s perfect to serve all year.

Slice of apple cake on a plate.

Old-Fashioned Apple Cake

This cake is made with real apples, oil, and buttermilk for a delicious, buttery flavor. The sweet apple cider glaze poured over the top makes it super moist and irresistible.

Funfetti cake with sprinkles.

Homemade Funfetti Sprinkle Cake

Our funfetti sheet cake is a twist on the classic kids’ favorite, although the whole family will enjoy it for sure! The creamy butter meringue frosting is just spectacular! This is a perfect cake for little or big kids’ parties! 

Homemade birthday cake recipe.

Classic Birthday Cake

Our classic birthday cake recipe is made with fluffy, moist yellow cake and the best homemade chocolate icing. 

Simple carrot cake slice with frosting.

Easy Moist Carrot Cake

A delicious snacking cake with whipped maple frosting. It’s simple to make and so yummy!

Lavender cake recipe with flowers.

Lavender Cake Recipe

This is the best homemade lavender cake recipe. It’s a white cake with lavender buttercream frosting, great for spring and summer gatherings.

The best Devil's Food Cake Frosting Ever! Made with sour cream, butter and melted chocolate

The Best Devil’s Food Cake Recipe

Hands down, this is the best devil’s food cake recipe ever. It’s straightforward to make, moist, airy, and has a super-rich chocolate flavor. It’s one of my absolute favorite recipes. It’s perfectly paired with this chocolate sour cream frosting!

Easy pistachio bundt cake with flowers.

Easy Pistachio Cake

This pistachio cake recipe is so easy to make. It’s homemade, but one of the ingredients is a boxed cake! It’s a fun one, and I love the color, too!

Buttery crumb cake recipe.

The Best Crumb Cake

This crumb cake recipe is buttery and delicious! It goes great with coffee, and it’s perfect for a brunch celebration.

Easy gingerbread cake sliced with a gingerbread cookie.

Gingerbread Cake Recipe

Gingerbread cake is an excellent holiday option. This recipe is so good that it can be eaten without frosting as a snack cake.

Chocolate bundt cake with ganache.

Chocolate Ganache Bundt Cake

A rich chocolate bundt cake with homemade ganache poured over the top.

Coffee cake for brunch with glaze and flowers.

Delicious and Moist Coffee Cake Recipe

This delicious, moist coffee cake recipe is perfect for brunch and spring parties! Packed with lovely flavors, such as cinnamon and vanilla and even a little espresso!

Homemade moist chocolate cake.

The Perfect Chocolate Cake

We’ve been making this chocolate cake recipe for decades! It’s truly the best cake and super moist.

Creamy, homemade cheesecake recipe.

The Best Cheesecake Recipe

We’ve been making this cheesecake recipe for over 15 years! It’s one of the best, super flavorful and the texture is whipped and smooth.

Homemade Frosting Recipes for Cakes

What Makes a Cake Moist?

It’s sometimes difficult to make a moist scratch cake that’s able to maintain its moist texture. Here are some things you can do to your recipes that will result in a moister finish:

  • Use real butter.
  • Don’t pack down your flour when measuring.
  • If possible, use egg yolks.
  • Don’t over-bake or over-mix.
  • Use sour cream as a substitute where it makes sense.
  • Make sure your measurements are correct. Use our conversion chart if you need more help.

More Cake Recipes

Here are a few more cake recipes you can try!

Now that you know how to bake a cake from scratch, it’s time to get baking! Choose from one of the best cake recipes and you’ll have a delicious cake your friends and family will love in no time!

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We hope you’re inspired to bake one of these charming recipes and learned something new! Happy baking!

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