Purple Gin and Tonics! A Spooky Cocktail for Halloween


These Purple Gin and Tonics are the perfect spooky cocktail for Halloween! And they’re colored with natural ingredients too!

We’re all about easy Halloween cocktails and these purple Gin and Tonics are one of the easiest G&Ts to make because they only consist of three easy ingredients: tonic water, gin and lime. To give it a little spookiness we added a secret ingredient that turns them purple!

And the ingredient is actually good for you!

Okay, okay we’ll tell you! The purple coloring we added is açaí powder and it turns the Gin and Tonic the most gorgeous shade of purple! You just add it to the lime juice and gin in a cocktail shaker and shake it for 30 seconds with ice. It worked beautifully and leaves small specks of purple throughout the cocktail, adding to the spookiness! You can’t taste the açaí, but the good thing is the vitamins from the powder are still present in the cocktail. Cheers to that!

Purple Gin and Tonics would be a great signature Halloween cocktail to serve at a party. Depending on the size of your cocktail shaker (I suggest having a large one on hand), you can pre-shake and make the gin, lime and acai mixture and strain it into a jar to serve later.

For the ghoulish smoking look, we used a chunk of dry ice. If I serve dry ice in a drink, I usually will serve it with a straw so you can be sure your guests won’t drink the ice. The neat thing is, once the dry ice is placed in the drink, it immediately becomes warmer, creating the smoking effect. Be careful and use ice manufacturer’s directions when using dry ice. Never touch it with barehands and always use gloves and tongs.

Let us know if you try these Purple Gin and Tonics for your Halloween party in the comments below! Also, check out other popular spooky cocktails too! Monster Mash Lemongrass Punch , Spiked Jolly Rancher Punch, Spiked Apple Cider Punch .

Purple Gin + Tonics

Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Keyword cocktails, Gin, Halloween, Purple
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 2 Cocktails


  • 2 1/2 ounce good quality gin
  • 1 large lime, juice only
  • 1 teaspoon organic acai powder
  • 1 bottle tonic water


  1. In a cocktail shaker add in the gin, juice from 1 lime and acai powder.

  2. Shake for 30 seconds with ice so the acai can turnt he mixture purple. 

  3. Fill two small glasses with ice and strain the gin and lime mixture over the top.

  4. Top off with tonic water and garnish with a purple flower. If using dry ice, add a piece to the cocktail before serving.

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