New Year’s Eve Champagne Bar

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Celebrate the new year with a New Year’s Eve Champagne bar! All the details to create your own beautiful bar to ring in a new year!

New Year's Eve Champagne Bar with garland, glasses, flowers and decorations.

Ring in the new year with a festive Champagne bar! My favorite way to celebrate NYE is a small gathering at home. There can be so much pressure to make it a crazy celebration, but the best ones we’ve had, have been at home with a delicious meal, a cozy fire, and lots of charming details!

This bar is the perfect way to add charm to NYE. It’s easy to put together and fun for guests to make their own Champagne concoctions.

Champagne cocktails for New Year's Eve!
Festive Champagne cocktails for New Year's Eve with flowers, sparklers and berries.

How to Make a New Year’s Eve Champagne Bar (Step by Step)

Champagne cocktail with a sparkler.
Never drink a cocktail with a sparkler, this is for presentation only.
New Year's Eve Champagne Bar

Set aside a designated area for the the Champagne bar. If you have bar cart that’s the best option. You can also create a space on the counter, table or a simple standing tray. Make the bar as big or small as you please!

If you need help deciding how much to buy, see our party buying guide depending on your guest list.

Bottle of Champagne in an ice bucket


Fill an ice bucket with a few bottles of Champagne. You can also buy sparkling white wine or sparkling rosé.

Bottles ranging from $10 to $20 are perfect since you’ll be adding in different juices, liquors and toppings.

However, having one nice bottle on hand for anyone who just wants a glass of Champagne is also nice.

Juice, gin, liqueurs on a Champagne Bar

Juices, Liqueurs and Liquor

This is the fun part! Filling the bar with all kinds of juices, liqueurs, and liquor to add to the Champagne! Think of your favorite cocktails made with sparkling, like a French75 or Mimosa, and have those items available.

Here is a list to get you started:

  • Orange Juice
  • Blood Orange Juice
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Grapefruit Juice
  • Peach and Pear Liqueur
  • Elderflower Tonic or Liqueur (St. Germain is a great option)
  • Lillet
  • Chambord
  • Gin
  • Fresh Lemon Juice
Pouring in juice to a glass of Champagne for a New Year's Eve Champagne Bar

Simply add in what you want! Add a splash of gin, a 1/2 ounce of liqueur and some juice.

New Year's Eve Champagne Bar with toppings, flowers and more

Champagne Bar Toppings

Toppings are items that are used to garnish the Champagne cocktail. They make the drink look festive and ready for an NYE celebration! Here’s a list of toppings you can add to your bar:


Lastly, add a few extra garnishes on the bar to make the cocktail sparkle even more!

  • Festive Drink Stirs
  • Paper Straws
  • Sparklers (never drink with a sparkler in the cocktail)
Bar with gin, toppings, sparklers and flowers for a New Year's Eve Champagne Bar

New Year’s Eve Champagne Bar Decorations!

Decorating the bar is just as important as making the drinks! Make it festive, fun and over the top! It’s New Year’s Eve and this is how you’ll make it feel like a real celebration.

Disco ball and part poppers on a New Year's Eve Champagne Bar

Poppers, Party Horns and Sparklers

Have party poppers, sparklers and party horns available for guests. Make sure everyone has one when the ball drops!

Party poppers and confetti

New Year’s Eve Flowers

Flowers with a happy New Year sign

Flowers are the best way to decorate for a party. Hire a local florist to make you a show-stopping arrangement for the Champagne bar. If you’re using a bar cart, add a festive garland to it to make it shine!

White Fig Designs made these special floral arrangements for our bar cart.

Close up picture of a pink flower on a New Year's Eve Champagne Bar setting

New Year’s Eve Cheese Platter

Serve an epic cheese platter to go with your Champagne board! Here is a step by step guide to creating the best cheese platter ever!

You can also create a fruit platter or a fruit and cheese platter to go with your Champagne bar.

Flowers for New Year's Eve in a white vase

And there you have it! A fun New Year’s Eve party idea that will wow your guests and make your NYE party at home festive and fun!

Cocktails on a New Year's Eve Champagne Bar

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New Year's Eve Champagne Bar

Let us know if you make this fun Champagne bar by leaving a comment below!

New Year's Eve Champagne Bar

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