Tips for Planning the Perfect Pool Party!


Celebrate summer with a festive summer pool party! Sharing tips and ideas for Planning the Perfect Pool Party! 

A pool party is our favorite way to kick-off summer. For this  party we were inspired by the warm and colorful hues of a summer sunset and the citrus flavors that surround us here in California. We’re also inspired by easy and fuss-free summer entertaining because that’s what it should be!

Pool Party Themes

Choosing a theme helps with picking out decorations and planning a delicious menu. I always start with a theme first.

See Our Three Pool Party Themes Here!

Some things to think about when deciding on a theme:

  • Season – Plan for the appropriate season, in this case summer. This helps when planning the food too.
  • Holiday – You can plan a pool party around a summer holiday like the 4th of July or Labor Day.
  • Color – Choose a color scheme you love! Bright colors are great for summer.

Pool Party Decorations

Once you’ve decided on a theme, you’ll be able to pick out all of your decorations! We even found these orange and lemon slice pool floats to go with our citrus theme! Here’s a list of pool party decorations and supplies. Buy according to your theme.

  • Pool Towels – Matching towels is always a good idea when hosting a pool party. From striped ones to fun patterns like watermelons, towels can act as decor!
  • Pool Floats – A must when hosting a pool party! Buy floats that go with your theme! You can find a pool float for just about any theme these days!
  • Flowers – Fresh flowers are instant decor when it comes to hosting any party.
  • Floor cushions are good to lounge on by the pool.
  • Garden stools make great little tables to set drinks and you can find them in many colors.
  • Colorful trays – Trays are great for outdoor entertaining because you can load them up inside and carry it all out, making it much easier! 

Pool Party Games

Pool Party Punches

Pineapple Orange Punch 

Lavender Gin + Tonic Party Punch 

Cava Sherbert Punch 

Peach Lemonade Punch 

Hard Apple Cider Kombucha Punch 


Pool Party Drinks

If you don’t want to make a punch, here are some great ideas for cocktail drinks you can toss in a bucket of ice!

Crabbies Ginger Beer – Has 4% alcohol in it and delicious summer flavors like spiced orange!

Spiked Sparkling Water – Brands like Truly or Spiked Seltzer  make flavorful water that contains about 4.5% alcohol and no sugar and less than 100 calories. These are at most grocery stores and Target.

Wine Spritzers – Nothing like they used to be, wine spritzers in a can are now really good and great for pool parties! We especially love Ramona Italian Wine Spritz, which you can get at Whole Foods!


Pool Party Invitations

Instantly send friends a party invite via Paperless Post, Evite, or Minted! It’s super easy to send a quick invite and there are hundreds of pool party designs to choose from. Sometime the invitation design inspires my party theme!


Pool Party Food

Create a menu based on your theme. Keep it simple and order in or serve small appetizers like a colorful veggie plate and dips or BBQ some quick burgers and serve a side salad. Keep it easy and simple so you can enjoy the party!

Tip – If you’re having  pool party with kids and a lot of people, hire a life guard. It is the most important part when hosting a kid or large pool party.

Have fun!! Pool parties are meant for hanging out, relaxing and having a good time with friends and family. It doesn’t have to be complicated! We hope you’re inspired to host your own and please share with us @sugarandcharm on social!

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