10 Best Punch Recipes for A Party

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We’ve collected some of the best party punch recipes that you can make in a jiffy. Here’s where you’ll find quick yet creative ideas!

These 10 easy and super delicious punch recipes for a party! The best recipes and easiest way to serve a fun, unique cocktail at a gathering!

They’re perfect for a crowd, and there’s one for every holiday!

The first time I tried a really good cocktail punch was in Charleston in very old bar lit by candlelight. It was made with peach tea and rum, lightly sweetened, similar to this.

The recipe was passed down from the 1800s, which in the history of punch, is fairly new. If you can believe it, it’s been around since the 1600s! I was instantly hooked and came back to create my modern versions.

Although it’s not fully known, there is speculation that the word punch came from the Hindi word for five.

Traditionally it consists of 5 ingredients: Citrus, spirit, sugar, water, and spice. If you’re interested in reading more about it, Difford’s Guide has a great article that details the facts and the first ever recorded.

So, gather your ingredients and get mixing!

And if you’re looking for a good non-alcoholic batch drink try one of our Agua fresca recipes!

10 Easy Punch Recipes for A Party!

1. Watermelon Cocktail Punch

watermelon punch in tall glass punch bowl - pineapple juice

This watermelon cocktail is perfect for a summer cookout! Made with simple ingredients and tequila, it’s sure to cool you down!

2. Pineapple Orange Party Punch

Pineapple and orange party punch on a yellow serving tray - pineapple juice

If you’re looking for an easy party punch, try this pineapple orange cocktail that is spiked with alcoholic ginger beer and spiced rum! It only has 5 simple ingredients plus fresh fruit to garnish.

3. Lavender Gin and Tonic Punch

Lavender gin and tonic punch with lime slices - punch bowl

Our lavender gin and tonic punch are light and refreshing! It’s naturally flavored, and the beautiful purple color is from butterfly pea tea. Absolutely perfect for spring and summer.

4. Easy Cranberry Vodka Punch

Holiday cranberry punch with cinnamon and cranberries - lemon lime soda

If you need a quick and delicious vodka party punch, try this easy cranberry vodka recipe! Uses only 5 ingredients, and it’s perfect for the holidays!

Another great punch for Christmas is our candy cane punch. It doesn’t have alcohol, but you could easily add it!

5. Spiced Apple Sparkler Punch

Spiced sparkling apple cider punch with sparklers - orange juice punch recipe

Nothing sparkles more than this spiced apple sparkler holiday punch! It’s spiked with apple vodka, sparkling white Champagne, and two varieties of apple cider!

6. Pineapple and Carrot

tropical punch with pineapple and edible flowers punch recipe

This pineapple gin combo really packs a punch! Not only do the carrot and pineapple work so well together, flavor-wise, but they also add a lovely bright color to this spring cocktail!

7. Blackberry Margarita Party Punch

Blackberry punch in jars punch recipe - vanilla ice cream

This blackberry margarita punch is the perfect blend of sour and sweet, and serving it over ice dilutes the cocktail making a perfectly refreshing drink!

8. Spiked Jolly Rancher Punch

Jolly rancher punch with black licorice straw - party punch recipes, fruit punch

What’s Halloween without a Jolly Rancher drink?! My spiked jolly rancher is perfect for a crowd and full of candy flavors without being too sweet!

9. Green Tea and Irish Whiskey Punch

Green Irish whiskey punch with mint - party punch recipes, ice cubes

This refreshing green tea and Irish whiskey are perfect for St Patrick’s Day! It’s a lovely mix of honey, lemon, and green tea. Light and delicious, you can serve it hot or cold.

10. Spiked Apple Cider Punch

Spiced apple cider punch in a bowl with apples and Halloween decor - best party punch recipes, party punch recipes

This easy spiked apple cider recipe is the perfect alcoholic cocktail for when you are entertaining a crowd. Spiked with white wine and bourbon. Perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving!

How to Embellish Your Punch

Ice Rings

Ice rings are a great way to keep the cocktail cold. They’re simple to make, too, using a bundt pan, sliced fruit, berries, and spices. Check out our guide to making ice rings here!

Ice Cubes

Colorful ice cubes are also great for keeping it cold. Freeze filtered water with sliced fruit, like strawberries! Use 1″ to 2″ ice cube trays to freeze ice and add them in the right before serving.

Also, learn how to make pink ice cubes and blue ice cubes!

Edible Flowers

Toss some edible flowers in to garnish and add more color and texture! Check out our guide to edible flowers here, or make your edible flower garden!

The Best Punch Bowls

The best way to serve punch is in a large glass bowl or a drink dispenser. Here are a few of our favorites!

Schott Zwiesel Pure Bowl

Britta Optic 10-Piece Bowl Set

Olivia & Oliver® Madison Bowl with Ladle

Cauldron Serving Bowl for Halloween

Pumpkin Bowl for Fall

Serving Party Punch

  • Serve in a large bowl with a ladle for scooping into glasses.
  • Keep it in the refrigerator until ready to serve, then add in an ice ring or large ice cubes.
  • If the recipe has bubbles, add them in the right before serving to keep some of the fizzes.
  • Make extra and leave it in a container in the refrigerator to easily fill the bowl during the party.
  • Always taste test. Add more ingredients if you like!
  • Add garnishes and make it pretty!

How do you drink punch?

Drink it from small decorative glasses. The best way to serve is with a ladle and then sip from a small glass.

Let us know what you think!

We hope you’re inspired to make your own! Use these recipes as a guide to creating your perfect punch recipe!

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